Are Spiritual Awakenings And Experiences Real?

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Today’s discussion revolves around the phenomenon of ‘spiritual awakening’ and ‘Are Spiritual Awakenings And Experiences Real?’

If you’re reading this, you may find yourself in one of two categories: either someone whose friend or family member discusses spiritual awakening, causing you to question their sanity, or someone who believes they are undergoing a spiritual awakening due to information gleaned from platforms like YouTube.

Our aim today is to provide clarity and dispel confusion surrounding this concept.

To gain a clearer understanding, it’s essential to comprehend what ‘spiritual awakening’ entails and why it’s a topic embraced by some while others remain indifferent.

Repeatedly, enlightened figures such as Saint Kabir in India and other spiritual leaders worldwide have emphasized that we are all undergoing a human experience. Read: What is a Spiritual Awakening as stated by Saint Kabir

This intriguing statement suggests that beyond our human exterior, there exists something else within us, experiencing life in a human body.

The great saints identify this essence as the ‘SOUL’ or ‘ATMA.’

While traditional education delves into the intricacies of the mind and body, the soul—the vital core of a human being—often remains overlooked.

The soul is the source of life, the essence that departs when a person passes away. Until the soul separates from the body, the individual is considered alive. This distinction becomes apparent in cases of comatose individuals, where their soul has not yet disconnected from the body. Read: What is a Soul? | Do trees have SOuls?

Now, relating this to the concept of soul, how does it connect with the spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening, as extensively documented in various religious scriptures, signifies the realization that one is more than just the body and mind—a soul.

The question may arise: why doesn’t everyone experience spiritual awakening?

The answer lies in the fact that everyone is destined to undergo this awakening, as it is the purpose of human existence.

Swami Vivekananda once remarked, ‘This world is a training ground for all the souls.’ Once a soul comprehends its lessons, it progresses to the next phase based on its karmic journey.

While many individuals are currently awakening due to a mass awakening on Earth, others are yet to experience this transformation, as their time has not arrived. Factors such as karma influence the timing of a soul’s awakening, with some undergoing it sooner, while others may do so in subsequent lifetimes.

As a person undergoes spiritual awakening, they encounter novel experiences beyond the scope of conventional human understanding.

These experiences often transcend the programming of the human mind, leading those who undergo them to question their validity; this also tends to disbelieving the experiences unless one has gone through them repeatitively.

Seeking validation from others becomes a common practice, yet sharing these experiences with family and friends who haven’t experienced them may lead to a sense of isolation or disbelief.

Hence the result is that you start thinking that you are in some sort of illusion. When in truth, you have just awakened to the truth of this world and of your existence. You have just started your journey to self-realization.

Others may still struggle to comprehend this experience because their awakening timeline differs.

We can find confirmation in these experiences when we start sharing and getting clarity from those who have been in our shoes…that’s our spiritual family!

Seeking confirmation from a spiritual community can provide clarity and understanding. Therefore, today I invite you to join our spiritual community, where you’ll find daily inspiration, positivity, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals that will help you achieve spiritual growth & development in the fastest possible way.

Come with an open heart, leaving inhibitions behind, and remember that the company you keep plays a crucial role in your spiritual growth and life journey.

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