All they wanted was love from their children. It makes me very sad when children leave their parents at the time when they need them the most”, she added….Read More


New Delhi: Veganism is on the rise among “health-conscious and spiritually enlighted individuals” in the world, and to give it a strong push….Read More


Kashish selected for World Parliament of Religions 130 years after Swami Vivekanada’s iconic speech. Read more..Read More

Kevin and Chris Carton with Kashish Gambhir On Science & Spirituality Podcast

# How to find the perfect spiritual teacher for yourself

 #The spiritual journey is never backward. # If a person is in the human form they will always have human experiences (aka, challenges), but they become detached when they are truly connected. # Knowing the truth creates detachment and that is when we become free.

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Carol Saunders with Kashish Gambhir On The Spiritual Forum Podcast | Episode 164 – Spiritual Wisdom From India

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