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In this podcast on Spiritual Growth & Awakening, Kashish Gambhir comes together with youtubers, hosts & speakers to talk about topics related to
Spirituality that encompasses conversations about life, purpose, movies, religion, soul/ consciousness, travel, karma, meditation, self growth & development; beyond race, color & nationality.

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Latest Episode—


Kevin & Chris Carton interview Kashish Gambhir on The Science & Spirituality Podcast

Listen along so you can learn:-

A simple definition of what spirituality is
Why it’s important to find the “perfect” spiritual teacher

How to actually find the perfect spiritual teacher for yourself

As Kashish shared, when anyone connects to the Spirit, they are always connected.
The spiritual journey is never backwards.

If a person is in the human form they will always have human experiences (aka, challenges), but the person becomes detached when they are truly connected.

Knowing the truth creates detachment and that is when we become free.

Rev. Carol Saunders interviews Kashish Gambhir on The Spiritual Forum

Kashish Gambhir shares her spiritual experience and her life with Rev. Carol Saunders and a lot of other discussions ranging from Vegan food to God and Religion.

David Cowan & Kashish talk 

This episode is a discussion on many things including psychic entity attacks, mind vs soul, the need for a spiritual teacher, love & income goals 2022 and great music by David Cowan. David Cowan is an Australian Youtuber and a host of a spiritual Podcast. He can be found on You tube by the name is David Cowan.

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Kashish Gambhir on How to Have Happiness & Peace in Life

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Dr.Sailesh Rao & Kashish Gambhir talk on Climate, Empaths & Mahabharat

Resul Pookutty & Kashish G talk 

Kashish Gambhir on What Is The Third Eye?

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Johonna Mylius, Shane & Kashish Gambhir discuss Adoption of the couple’s child from India 

Kashish Gambhir on Comparison : The Fault in Our Stars Movie

Spiritual Experiences, How to have Spiritual Experiences, What is a Soul, Do Trees Have Souls, Psychedelic Drugs

* Spiritual Movies on Netflix: Queen of the South, The Fault in our Stars, Cowspiracy
* Expectations in Love & Happiness
* Teachings from the Bible
* Building Courage & Surrender
* What Does God Want Us To Do
* Kill Me For Your Religion You Said? A Spiritual Poem by Kashish Gambhir
* We are Characters on The Stage of the World with Director Amitabh Singh

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