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soul : a person sitting and praying

You are the Light | The Soul

To understand, ‘What is a Soul’ and who we human beings really are, we take an example of a matchstick. We have heard many times that We are Spiritual Beings in a Human Body but what does that really mean?

soul meaning
Only the shadow of the matchstick can be seen

Understanding the SOUL : EXAMPLE

In this example, we compare the matchstick to a Human Body and the hidden light of the matchstick to the “Light” that we Spiritual Beings are.

Just as we light the matchstick, we witness that we cannot see the reflection of the light on the floor…

What is the soul
Only the shadow of the matchstick can be seen here

In the above picture, only the shadow of the matchstick is clear .

We further notice that when we ourselves stand in the sunlight or artificial light, we cannot see the Light that is hidden within us (the SOUL that we are) but only the reflection of our own BODY.

shadow of the body can be seen, not the soul

Similarly, the Vedic texts state that this Physical Reality is nothing but ‘Maya/ an illusion’ (that which exists but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal) and the illusion is that of this Human Body.

As we are unable to see and understand the True Light of our SOUL, we think that we ARE the Body.

Science & the Body

Even if we try to learn about our existence by way of Science, today Science has proved that we are just ENERGY.

A very interesting article by Kerry D’Ambrogio written on behalf of International Alliance of Healthcare Educators, states the following –

“A closer examination of the epithelial tissue (skin), however, shows how the tissue is actually created by these superimposed energy fields.”

further it states,

closer examination of the epithelial tissue or skin, which appears very solid and in particle form, reveals it is 99.999999999% empty space. In actuality, the hand is made up of superimposed dynamic energy in constant vibration and of consciousness.

what a soul is
Picture: Soul in the Body

What is a Soul?

So we come back to the question, “What Is A Soul?” really.

A human being is made up of three parts mind, body and the soul. The soul is a part of the consciousness and it is also an aspect of consciousness (Chetna).

To explain it in simple terms, the soul is like the water droplets in the ocean – ‘the ocean is the consciousness which is made of all those little drops or souls’.

When a person dies, it is the soul that separates from the body of that person, and it is only after the soul leaves the body, we say that the person has died.

Now, let us understand three scenarios here.

If the body stops working, but the mind and the soul remain, the person remains alive.

Second, if the mind stops working, but the body and the soul remain, again, the person remains alive like it happens in the state of a coma.

Third, if the soul leaves the body, and even if the mind and the body remain, the living being stops existing.

So we understand that soul is the essence of our life. It is who we are.

Soul is in every living being in this world, not only in the humans, but in every living being of this world. It includes the animals, the birds, the insects, etc.

The soul cannot be seen with the two outer eyes. The SOUL or the AATMA of a human being does not have any color or shape.

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Experiencing the SOUL

Time and again, the Rishis & the Gurus of India have taught us that we can experience and witness that we are Spiritual Beings by turning our attention inwards.

At present, our attention is outwards in this world. We can see how Social Media has engulfed us with all its glamour.

All one desires today are followers, likes, and comments. Are we able to think beyond that? Even if we are able to, we do not have the time to pay attention to such thoughts.

Family responsibilities, goals, ambition, and relationships; we are lost in it. It is only when one comes across an uncertainty in life that one starts thinking about the subject of LIFE, God, birth & death and the Existence of One’s own Being on Earth.

But if we haven’t paid attention to the matters of the Soul ALL our lives then how can we expect to get the answers to our questions in a matter of hours?

We spend our lives educating ourselves and making a career. It takes us years to reach the professional excellence.

Then how can we expect to gain all the spiritual knowledge and wisdom in just a few days?

SPIRITUAL WISDOM does NOT come by reading the Spiritual Books only. Of course, books one must read but that’s a supplement only.

There is a reason that Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak and many Saints of this world taught in Parables. It’s because only a few people could understand the real meaning of their teachings; because only a few sought or had the mystical experiences and thus received the true spiritual wisdom by way of experience.

So gaining the Spiritual Wisdom requires Mystical Experiences in one’s own life to be able to understand Spirituality in-depth. Reading the books, can give us knowledge not wisdom.

I would compare Spirituality to driving a car. Even if your whole life you read books about Car and ‘How to drive a car’ but you never drove a car your entire life or never one, all your knowledge is of no use without its implementation.

Similarly, people only talk about GOD and only a lesser percentage (theists and atheists) open their minds to looking at things in an unbiased manner or open themselves to reading the books (from various religions, texts and scriptures).

An even lesser percentage seeks, desires or strives to walk towards getting an experience of GOD or leading oneself to Self- realization and God-realization.

But no matter how many books we read on God, if we have never experienced God then we are just carrying a BELIEF in us that THERE IS GOD.

Kashish Gambhir

I was an atheist when I was young. It was only the personal mystical experiences that had the power to change me (Thanks to my Spiritual Teacher who taught me how to have mystical experiences). Atheists are mostly highly logical people. they never believe in anything just because somebody told them to. But only the experience has the power to change them or any human being, for that matter.

To help yourself understand more concepts on your spiritual path, feel free to check out my guide on Spiritual Awakening here.

We came to this earth for our evolution; but we have completely forgotten our true essence.
We have forgotten our true spiritual nature. Until we experience our Spiritual nature, how can we expect to gain Spiritual Wisdom that will follow the experience?
We haven’t entered the first grade and we want a college degree.

Everything takes its own time. We must have patience. We must become a seeker first and start by seeking the answers to the questions that arise within us. It all starts with “Seeking”.

It is the constant seeking within us that eventually leads our souls to the gates of salvation.

Seek and you shall find.”

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