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Ram Lalla Idol, Flag & Diwali Date: Everything Wrong With India In 2024 —
In the realm of spiritual coaches and seekers, a cloud of questions hovers, challenging the apparent truth. Many believe that what meets the eye is not the complete reality, and specifically those attuned to their third eye sense a deeper narrative beyond the media’s portrayal. There’s a profound layer unfolding behind the television screen.

Here are the questions that spiritual seekers are contemplating. As you read, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Ram Lalla Idol

  1. ‘We’ve always heard of Krishna Lalla, so when did discussions shift to Ram Lalla, and Why?’ There are no stories of Ram Lalla previously taught to us via any medium or which the Ramayana ever boasted about unlike those of Krishna. Is there a deeper reality to this strategy of politicians?
    IMAGE Below is that of KRISHNA lalla; have you ever hear Ram lalla before in life? There are no interesting stories of Ram as a child mentioned in Ramayana…So this is definitely an interesting innovation!
krishna lalla not ram lalla

Color Of Ram Lalla Idol

2. The sculptor initially did not create Ram in black color, so how and why did it turn black after being handed over to the authorities?

Arun Yogiraj, the Mysuru-based sculptor who crafted the idol of Lord Ram, has said that Ram Lalla looked completely different after the Alanakaran (ornamentation) ceremony in Ayodhya.
Is the turning of the idol black a symbolic sign of darkness, as considered in ancient India by saints and sages?

Ram Lalla Idol

If you carefully look at these two idols above, you will know that they are NOT the same idol, instead the original has been replaced by another one. This is evident from the eyes of the two idols. Note carefully how the lower portion of the eyes of the 1st idol is wide open without any dampness under the eyes but the eyes of the second idol are completely different in that it has got dampness under the eyes unlike the first one.

“Nirman hote samay alag the, sthaphit hone ke baad alag the. Mujhe laga ki ye mera kaam nahi hai. Ye to bahut alag dikhte hain. Bhagwan ne alag roop le liye hain (He said that the idol looked different at different stages. After the Alanakaran, Ram Lalla looked completely different.)”

Lalla looked completely different. I thought to myself that this was not my work. Lord Ram had completely transformed after the Alanakaran (ornamentation) ceremony,” Yogiraj told Aaj Tak TV in an interview.

No Authentic Picture Of Ram Lalla Idol from Treta Yug

3. Why the Ram idol has been made in this specific way when there’s no authentic picture of Sri Ram from Tretayug (third cycle of time)? Is this a planned strategy, reminiscent of the documentary ‘How to be a tyrant’ on Netflix, aiming to portray Mr. Sh as a god-like figure in the future, similar to tactics used by leaders in North Korea? Is it a ploy to manipulate emotions of the people for political gains? 
(Below Image 1: from North Korea where dictator statues are everywhere and the citizens should bow down to him; does it remind you of anything that happened recently? Image credits: from video titled ’21 strange rules in Kim Jong un’s North Korea’ by WION news)
(Below Image 2: Netflix Documentary ‘How to Be A Tyrant’ A MUST WATCH for all Indians at this time)

Ram Lalla Idol Homecoming Date Changed

4. The date of ‘Ram Homecoming’ has been shifted from November to January. While Diwali was not celebrated with the same spirit in October-November, emphasis was placed on celebrating it in January. 
What does this change to the opposite end of the calendar signify?

Shifting date of Diwali is a bad omen | IMG SOURCE : Canva pro

Ram Lalla Idol and India Flag Is Tricolor

5. Stress was supposed to be on having all Indian flags(tricolor) on our homes on 26th January, yet a new flag, predominantly orange, was introduced just four days before. Using ONLY orange in the flag is seen as a bad sign, symbolizing citizens living in perpetual hope of freedom — a characteristic of a potential dictator. Raavan, too, used an orange flag, keeping his people in constant hope of freedom. The flag is a crucial symbol for a nation, governing its direction.

India flag Source: India Map website

Therefore, It is crucial that we all proudly display India’s flag on our balconies once again. 

Take this action today to prevent falling into the illusion of Raavan’s reality.

Listen to the episode ‘Ram Kaun Hai? Ram Ayenge Ka Kya Matlab?’ On the Podcast ‘Karam Pradhan’ below.


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