1] Wake Up Between 3 a.m. – 5 a.m.: Reference from a Holy Book

The Sikh religion has clearly mentioned the significance of waking up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. in their holy book The Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The Guru Granth Sahib Ji is to Sikhs as The Bible is to Christians.

(I am neither a Sikh nor a Christian but I respect all religions. If you stay connected with me, you will know that I have learned from at least three major religions since my childhood.)

Sikhism talks about waking up in the ambrosial hours (i.e. between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.) and meditating upon the divine. In Sikhism, this time 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. is called “Amrit Vela”.

Amrit means the divine water or the divine nectar, and “vela” means time. Amrit Vela means the time to drink divine water.

Golden Temple Amritsar. Picture: Canva


Sab Kuchh Ghar Mein, Baahar Naahi
Baahar Dhundhe, Bharam Pulaai
Gur Parsadi , Jin Antar Paaya
So Antar Baahar Suhela JiyoRim Jhim Barse Amrit Dhara.

~ Guru Granth Sahib Ji Tweet



The One who looks outside is living in an illusion.
The One who looks within
lives in peace, both within & without.
Wake up in the Ambrosial hour
look within because Everything is inside of you.
Nothing is outside
The Divine Water (Amrit Dhara) is pouring tip-tap.”

~ Guru Granth Sahib Ji Tweet

The Guru Granth Sahib Ji stresses the importance of waking up in the Ambrosial hours and using the time to seek the Divine within oneself.

It teaches that it is during this time that one should sit in meditation and work towards making a strong divine connection. (More details on this in the second point).

I was a teenager when I found these lines first and started exploring the path of Spirituality in a lot of depth. Understanding the real meaning of these lines, I realized that I must spend my early morning hours in Meditation only and nothing else.

Initially, I also thought that I could write or do something creative as it was peaceful at that time but I thought over it.

I don’t know how it is in your country but I live in India in a very busy city and at any given time of the day there is noise pollution; cars are honking, vegetable vendors are ringing bells of the houses, neighbors & guests are coming over every now and then and the list is endless…

I concluded that I could actually write or do creative work at any time of the day just by building focus; as for the creative work, only ‘the flow’ was important, and not the morning hours, really.

So I decided to use my morning hours only for meditation.

Meditation. Picture: Canva

This was followed by many years of getting up early morning and meditating for 3 to 5 hours daily. For a very, very long time, it led to nothing.

But no effort really goes to waste…

Eventually, I progressed on my Spiritual Journey and my soul was quenched of the spiritual thirst that it had longed for eons.

Note: For anybody who is reading this and wishes to start with meditation, I must mention that Not all meditation practices will help you in Spiritual progress.


Do we know what we are doing on Earth?

So many children are born every day and so many people die.

What is the point of all of this?

We keep spending time working, eating, and sleeping all day and life goes on.

Do we know the purpose of our existence?

Are all these questions in your mind too???

Well, if you have a thirst, then there is water that can quench your thirst but you ‘must search’ for the water in this desert which is full of mirages. Water does exist but one must work hard and search for it.

and what is there in this world that doesn’t require hard work?

Everything requires hard work…then how can we assume that Spiritual goals can be achieved just within days or within months?

Didn’t acquire a simple bachelor’s degree took us at least 3 years?

We must build patience within us…

We must also work towards expanding our consciousness which could enable us to get the answers to our questions from within us.

A few thousand years ago, the great rishis of India and many other highly conscious men of this world worked really hard and after meditating for many years, they started getting the answers. Why are we then expecting quick results when we are living in a time in which we are glued to mobiles and laptops and our attention span is mostly reducing?

Example: You want to write an article. Just for this one simple task, you need complete focus. Right?

How can we assume then that the task of expanding consciousness could be achieved without dedicated time and attention?

2) The time when the two powerful energies meet

This is the second point that you must know if you wake up between 3 am and 5 am.

happy couple
Picture: Canva | Masculine & Feminine Energy

When the masculine and the feminine energy meet, it produces a powerful force, a creative force that produces a child.

And just as this force is capable of giving birth to a new life, so is the force that is produced by the meeting of the two energies of the night and the day.

~Maharaj Charan Singh Ji


This happens between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. This powerful force that is produced by the meeting of the energy of the night and the day helps us in raising our consciousness to the next level.

Although, I must mention that the path to raising one’s consciousness to the greatest heights is not an easy one and one must practice the Spiritual Path only under the highest Spiritual teacher.

A Spiritual Teacher can guide you in your Spiritual Journey only to the extent that he(she) himself(herself) has traveled.

For example, a Principal can give you tricks to become a better Principal but a Kindergarten teacher cannot give you tricks to become a better Principal unless that teacher himself/herself acquires the required experience. So it is of utmost importance for a Spiritual Seeker to spend the most time finding the right Spiritual Teacher.

The right Spiritual Teacher can help the seeker by teaching the technique of directing one’s energy and helping oneself in raising one’s consciousness. This is most helpful for the ones who want to dive deeper into Spirituality.

If one just wants to have a handful of information about the Spiritual Journey or have an NDE, one may even experience it naturally or even without any Spiritual Teacher but NDE is like the first step on a 100 step journey of Spiritual Awakening Journey.

There are miles to go before we awake completely

Note: This article is meant to provide spiritual guidance and light-hearted content. It is based on the personal spiritual journey of the author and shabads (quotes) have been extracted from the holy book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

 I love writing and I wish to spend my entire time sharing my spiritual knowledge and wisdom with the world.

If I added any value to your life with my work, would you mind “buying me a coffee” to show your love & appreciation?


Peace & Love



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