How to Reduce Lust & Use it For Spiritual Growth And Development

how to reduce lust and use for spiritual growth

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Namaste . I’m your host Kashish Gambhir from India …

and today the topic of the podcast is, how to reduce lust and use it for spiritual growth and development

but before i speak over this..i js want to confess that…u know this1  podcast i created back in 2019 …and i  js came across it while i was going through my work in hard drive and i realised how much my voice has really changed in past 2 years ..

so i really wanted to re-record it and then publish it on this podcast.. and i guess i did not upload more than 3 episodes back then ..but this one that i am doing weekly….so anyways…in case u did not listen to it then, here’s ur chance. ..

the first question that will come to your mind: why should i reduce lust in me?

you see my friend, the excess of everything is bad. The excess of water causes floods and the excess of “no water” causes drought.well the balance.

the balance is the key.

the balance is what causes calmness & the happiness.

Similarly in our life also, the xecess of anything is destructive &  so is the excess of lust. too much sexual activity deprives the chi/ prana and causes health problems. 

keeping this in perspective if we look at the SANKHYA hindu philosophy, people have 2 options to spend their life like.

One is the option of Brahmachari & second is the option of Householder.

Who is a brahmachari?

A brahmachari is someone who does not involve himself in any relationships all throughout his life & uses all his sexual energy for his spiritual growth & development.

while  A householder is someone who wants to strive to have a balance between the spiritual life & the materialistic life.

so  if we see in today’s world where we have so much impressions from the social media & influence of so many things…, cultures & people around us ,

it is very difficult to stay a brahmchari. 

the life of the householder is what we all seek,and that which is apt for us.

which means a balance in being a spiritual person & in being a worldy person.

So here, what we can do is that we can reduce the intensity of lust.

And there’s a technique to it. Let me disclose that to you today.

If you see a man or a woman coming across….you do not see the BODY , instead see the Soul of that Man/ Woman.

Now you would ask me that I dont know how a soul looks like so i how do i see, right?

well to start with, you may want to start practising seeing a white light in any person that u come across.

you have to widen your perspective and understand that all are wearing the same dress.

You see all men or all women have the same body parts…. do you see anything else? anything new? NO. the colors are different just like we have different colors of a dress.

so once we start practising this technique…. to see the soul in each person, then, we will reach a point where we start seeing people not as men, not as women. but as human beings…….. thats it.

and then your journey of using your lust towards your spiritual growth & development will start.

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