International Podcast on Spirituality : 'KARAM PRADHAN' [ in Hindi Language ]


In this podcast on Spiritual Growth & Awakening, Kashish Gambhir comes together with Celebrities, and the most influential humans to talk about spirituality, culture and life ​

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Kabir Part-2 | Women Wearing Short Clothes | people Leave You When You Need Them [ IN HINDI ]

'Karam Pradhan' has been selected by Feedspot as the '5 Best Spiritual Podcasts in Hindi' 2023

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‘Karam Pradhan’ by Kashish Gambhir shares the ‘Best 5 Spiritual Podcasts’ space with Honorable Sh.Gaurang Das Ji

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Laal Singh Chaddha and Sri Krishna [ SOLO PODCAST ]

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Meera Serial + Parmatma Ke darshan Kaise Paayein [ SOLO PODCAST ]

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Law of attraction-Mahabharat-Satsang and more…In conversation with Akanksha Singh, Tamil Actor.

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In this episode of the podcast ‘Karam Pradhan’, RJ Karan Singh Rathore and Kashish Gambhir are having scintillating Spiritual Conversations on both materialistic and spiritual journey. This is Part-1 of the podcast.

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Is podcast mein hum baat karenge –

1) life ka purpose kya hai / life ka matlab kya hai / purpose of life

2) bhakti yoga / bhakti aur prem mein antar / bhakti movement / bhagavad gita / divine love meaning

3) jnana yoga / jnana yoga meaning

4) Veda/ ved-shastra

5) Meera Bai / Sri Krishna ke darshan

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