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Image of a girl looking in the mirror

When I was a child, I used to ask myself who I wanted to become. When I was in 9th grade, I wanted to be an astronaut. As a teenager, Sushmita Sen (the then Miss Universe influenced me). Then started a time in my life when I forgot what I wanted to become really and joined the rat race of this world.

Although I had always been aware of my Spiritual side, I must admit that the world, with all its news & politics, undeveloped educational avenues, the dreams & desires had affected me for quite some time. On one side, I used to have many Spiritual experiences & miracles and on the other side, I was always pulled by the whims and fancies of this world. I felt like I was always being pulled on two sides.

I always knew that there were 2 forces existing around me. One dark and one light. Sometimes I performed good deeds and felt like an angel, other times I had feelings of guilt for being rude to somebody.

Who Am I : Image of a girl looking in the mirror
Who Am I: Image
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It was not before I was blessed by God to witness these forces in front of me that I really got the proof of their existence. Then a lot of questions popped up in my mind like, “If God created this world, then is the Dark force also created by God?” With time, I got all my answers.

Today, whatever I am, whoever I am, I am proud of that. I resigned from a very high post in this materialistic world to carry out a noble task for my brothers and sisters of this world.

And I am so proud of that which I have become.

I may no more hold any higher materialistic posts in the eyes of this world ( previously I was an Asst. Enforcement Officer, ED, GOI, and today I am Just a Spiritual Guide), but in the eyes of the Super-Conscious, I am Love. I have fallen in love with myself, and I have fallen in Love with the omnipresent God.

We came on this earth for evolution. THAT was the purpose.

And evolution is what I have understood.

The evolution process does not stop. I have realized what I was supposed to do as a Human Being.

I feel complete. I have no more questions.

If today you ask me Who I Am…

Well, let me think…

I feel myself in the birds, in the plants, in the mountains, and in the clouds. I am the beggar on the street and the most affluent man in the world is also me. I am the sage in the Satsang and the clown in the circus is also me.

But ‘I’ …’I’ do not exist. I live through you and you live through me.

I will try to explain myself to you in three simple words.

I am LOVE.

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