Is Destiny Pre-determined? Do we have Free Will?

Fate , Free Will & Expansion of Consciousness

When I was young, I used to believe in Kismat (fate), which also implies that there is no free will. Does that mean that God or a higher force is the one in control of our lives?

Well as my consciousness expanded, my beliefs changed. I came to realise that a Human Being may have alternatives out of which he could make his own choice. After this belief was formed, my mind presented me with a lot of contradictory situations and options so that i could believe in fate again.

A path divided into 2 paths in a forest
Choices in Life
Credits: Jens Lelie

Then further up, with more expansion in the consciousness, i realised that the past, present and the future are already laid down; just like a script that is already written in the movie. This can also conclude that if the script is written, it means there’s a Writer (God) behind that script. But after this episode, of coming to this understanding, i was again presented with an insight that made me think otherwise.

Let me put this for you and i would love to hear/ read your views on this one.

Free Will, Foreknowledge of Events & God

Having free will means, the will to choose between various alternatives. Only If the future is known to none, not even to “God”, only then we can say that the Free Will really exists.

A man standing with a Hand towards the sun feeling its vibes
Is it predetermined? Am i creating it?
Credits: Miguel Angel Hernandez

The foreknowledge of a certain event negates the existence of free will; because if God knows it, and God is not doing any guesswork here (as it is said that God is omniscient), it means that it is destined and the person has no choice really. So Free Will and Foreknowledge of a certain thing are absolutely contradictory and cannot coexist. And even if we say that the alternatives are laid down, but God does not interfere, then who determines which alternative will be picked up?

Is it our nature as per the patterns of choices formed over the lifetime with the influence of culture, tastes, values etc or some other reason that determines the decisions we make ? If it is already known, then we do NOT have any free will really !

For many of us who believe in God and believe that God knows everything, many a times contradict our own faith, without being aware of it.

Let me share with you a dialogue between Faith & Doubt.

A Red Dress with the Angel Wings showing Faith vs Doubt
Faith Vs Doubt
Photo Credits: Duncan Sanchez

Faith: God knows everything.

Doubt: There is No God.

Faith: You don’t say that. You must not Sin.

Doubt: If God knows everything and is the knower of the past, present and the future, that would also mean that I am going through a certain set of circumstances that are already ordained by God, then where is the Sin? How can we be punished or rewarded for the actions that are already ordained by God and not created by ourselves? Right?

Faith: No these are some past Karmas (punishments of past sins) that have to be paid in this life. That is why you’re facing tragedy in your life. But if you repent, all your Bad Karmas (sins) will be washed away. Repent my child . Repent !

Doubt: What kind of God is it that knows what we are going through, what we are doing and what we will do in the future, and still leaves us in the dark? To make our choices that he knows we will be making?

Faith: Oh! but i have always believed in rewards and punishments and and sins. Do not break me like this! Does that mean that God does not exist?

Doubt: okay, let me ask you a question, what if the Director leaves it in the hands of the characters to improvise their major part in the play while he just puts them on the stage and fixes just the beginning and end of it by himself, does he ceases to exist then?

Faith: Wait ! are you convincing me in the existence of God and Karma (action out of free will) both? Are you telling me that God is THE CREATOR but leaves most part of the play in our hands to improvise?

Doubt: May be..

Faith: So should i make New Year Resolutions for the part of the play that is in my hands ?

Doubt: You bet ! Have Faith 😉

Faith: Faith? But you just said that you do not believe in God?

Doubt: Well do you know my name?

Faith: What?

Doubt: My name is Doubt 😉

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I would love to hear/ read your views on Free Will and God’s existence. Feel free to comment below. Also, i would really appreciate if you share the article in case you find it worth reading.


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I wish all the Peace & Prsoperity for you my dear friend !

I wish you a very very very prosperous week ahead!

~ love

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