If the Blind Lead the Blind, Both Will Fall Into the Pit


The one who has the power to give, won’t he have the power to know? listen to … We are waiting for God to make things happen, but maybe God is waiting for us to perform our actions. Our Karma. Welcome to the podcast. Karma is supreme.

Hello, everyone.

Today I’m with karmic Soul Mr. Amitabh Singh, the cinematographer of the national award-winning movies, like Khosla ka Ghosla, Chillar Party, and the Good Road, he was also the producer of the Gujarati, The Good Road, which was India’s official entry to the Oscar awards in 2013. Welcome, Mr. Amitabh  Singh. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I see this one like I see this world as a stage, as a film, that’s how I see from my eyes. I see that. I see myself playing a character. Okay, and I am this spiritual coach here.

You are a cinematographer. We are all playing our characters. Right? So like you said right now that what a person film is all about actions and what a person chooses his actions define what is fate will be and his actions define what he is. How would you in the real-life, how would you zoom out of your own life and see yourself from the wider perspective …listen to …or from other people’s eyes? How is it possible even how do you, what do you think about it? See, I feel that it definitely requires a lot of I would say sensitization and training and experiences to kind of have an ability to zoom out and start looking at things in an objective manner, considering you to be a part or maybe a play or a film that you just playing out in front of your eyes. For the past many years, I have definitely tried to put in my own efforts into the back Direction. And the thing is that, as I said that there is, and I have always experienced that there is a duality and the duality is that there are things which are kind of laid out for you. Whether you like it or you don’t like it. You accept it. You come to terms with it. So there are things which are laid out for you. the set is ready. But at the same time but at the same time the universal nature or the larger forces of the you know our existence, they also somewhere have for us because we are humans I guess have given us this faculty of possible intervention due to certain knowledge that we have gained or acquired will process of evaluation or who are certain, you know, a spiritual spiritual stage that one can experience all be at. So So the fact is that as humans, we definitely do have a possibly an iota of ability to kind of sneak that Matt has already been, you know, and I feel that In realization of that access or in realization of that, you know ability they are they are inherently is this whole sense of surrender and humanity and the possibly that you get to see yourself as a non-existent entity into much larger scheme of things. So I feel that there is definitely a larger plan, which has been set out for us.

At the same time I am a person who would like to take responsibility of my own actions in my own decision, right? And thereby learn from them, transformed from them. And, you know, move forward with the practicalities of life on a day-to-day manner rather than just saying it. Okay. No, I mean, I have to embrace whatever happens. I think there is a duality then. Okay, so just to summarize for the audience and what I got, correct me if I’m wrong. So you said that, although there is the universe has laid down the set wherever we are, you know, the things are set up there, many things that are out of our control. But at the same time, we are at the end. We are the creators of our own lives and our actions do define where we go in our lives. So at certain points in our life, whatever decisions we take, they do affect the larger part of our lives…listen to…. What are we reaching at at the end? So we are the creators. That’s what you’re saying in the whole thing. Is it? Yes, please.

The third and the last question that I would, like, to put up to you, First of all, I would like to congratulate because I believe you have completed 25 years in this industry. Yes, which has which has a history of just just over 100 years. I think the 25 years that I have participated in, to this one. They have been most dramatic. Big experience here. So what lessons would you like to give to the people who want to come into the industry, whether they would be another want to come as a cinematographer or a related field? So you have you must have learned a lot of lessons till now. So what is the message of what are the lessons that you have learned that you would like to share with the people? The inspiring people, you know, who are listening to you right now? Okay, this is the tough one. so see when we talk about lessons in life. I would say they are Universal which means that you know, the power of surrender or the power of the humanity or the power of empathy or the power to embrace. I think they are Universal and this industry also makes me long all that over and over again and again and again. People who, you know, aspiring to get into media. There are lots of suggestions and the first and foremost kind of an overarching suggestion is that you know, we are into the make-believe industry. we are about making you believe into things.. right. if you are not. Not. If you are still observing at this whole kind of a  system from outside, we are making, you believe something that are not even existing, which does not exist yeah.

Can i tell you a very, Amitabh i would like to share a story very funny you know what you said..i could relate to that so very well. So i have a student and she she had this problem at home. I mean, her neighbors, so they had some, you know, theft in their neighbors or something happened. And they was, they were apprehensive that, you know, thiefs will be there in other homes also, so she said that maam you know what happened in our area. So I said that, what, what is the next step? What did they do? So he said that my mom. I told my mom that you know, what, we call the CID and that CID guy will come and he will solve all the cases. im like this is not happening. I am like okay you are really believing in that. okay.. so yeah make believe definately.

specially when I’m talking to younger students, you know, students who are in class, seven, eight, nine, kind of people. And you know, then when I talk to Young a lot, the vibe and the frequency is very different. So, if I can take effect, I can take Liberty of speaking in Hindi. So I tell them that dekh juth bolna humara kam hai, you know hum professionally juth bolte hai. hum apko yakeen dila dete hai ke is bande ka nam Rahul hai aur yeh uddta hai. so the fact is that if you have an aspiration getting into this industry on the basis of  observation and evaluations from that you know that distinct a perspective. By you you are believing that you know, this is Rahul and he flies in the air and he wears of the blue costume. And you know, so then there’s a problem is that because we are in an industry who are involved into putting together of alternate realities of action. Everybody who wants to enter into this sphere, with any intention whether they want to become actors, singers can fill any instance, with any, any aspiration when somebody wants to enter into this space behind the curtains, you know, behind the screen, then you must understand that you are dealing with a medium, you know, with material which is about, you know, reconstruction of reality, about the reconstruction of. So, for example, if there’s an engineer, an aspiring engineer and he wants to get into say automobiles so that that the child will be kind of, you know, inspired to learn about who has been there.

Inspired to learn about aerodynamics will be inspired to learn about, you know, metals and materials and so many so many things which are peculiar to about automobiles to all those people who want to come into this space here and forgive me for using this terminology called manufacturing. So we are into the manufacturing of reality and of space for people who want to get into manufacturing reality and over space. They must get to understand the material that they are dealing with.  And as I said right in the very beginning that when you are dealing with light, when you are dealing with sound and you are dealing with time. Then we are dealing with three of the most fundamental material that goes into making everything that we see around us. It is such a fundamental power, that one gets to deal with gets to, you know, dip Once your finger vein,that at times it get really, very, very unsettling and to most again the most of the students that I speak to. I try to sensitize them, with the sense of responsibility, that it must bring in you when you are coming on this site because you can construct reality. You can make somebody believe that if you have this particular suit, you can fly in the air. So the fact Is that there is a humongous ability that is embedded with somebody’s aspirational or desire to come on this side of behind the screens. The reality will get discounted, deconstructed, completely. So your imagination, your mind of thinking your psyche, your conscious or subconscious, you know, at every level things will start to, you know, go down and get rewired in a very, very different way. That’s an amazing message. So Mr. Amitabh Singh is here with us. His message being that, you must have caused. Take your own actions. Give your best. And of course, the flow is always there. The universe is always there to support you but understanding and analyzing everything you should take your own actions, and you are finally the creator of your own life. Okay, so thank you so much. Mr. Amitabh, thanks for coming to the show and we will see you all soon next week.


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