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Not Celebrating My Birthday Anymore This 12th October

This post is a bit light-hearted in a way that I am just writing my heart out.

Yesterday I announced to my family that this 12th October and onwards, I won’t be celebrating my birthday anymore.

Everyone was in a shock ‘coz just a day before yesterday I had received a birthday gift in advance from a dear friend and I was very happy about it.

But yesterday I decided that I won’t be celebrating my birthday anymore.


I am not at all inspired by the adults around me who do not celebrate their birthdays.

Instead, I have decided that

I am going to be celebrating MY BIRTH-MONTHS NOW ON ! Let me tell you WHY. But before that,


I am going to be celebrating my birthday the entire month now onwards…each and every year.

Because I am so infinitely happy.

My life’s most important goal is complete.

When I was young, all I wanted was to get my answers to who God was and where he/she/it was.

I was so focused on this question that I remained curious and always on-the-run to finding God.

I used to go to temples, gurudwaras, churches, and even Buddhist monastries and masjids.

I could never find God.

My heart cried in a lot of pain. Because all I wanted was to know the truth of my existence.

All I wanted was to know where I came from and what I was doing here on Earth.

One thing was pretty clear to me in my heart, that there was something more to this life.

That the normal life would not give me happiness.

Even existing in this world was very much abnormal to me.

I just couldn’t find it possible how we all human beings just appeared out of nowhere…

But that was not the sad part for me…

The sad part was that everybody – absolutely everybody around me was busy in their normal work routine and eating, drinking and sleeping and finding relationships

It felt like nobody could understand this deep quest inside of me

As if nobody could relate to me or give me the answers to my existence.

It was no less than a deep suffering to me…

feeling so alienated in the world,

though I am extremely grateful to the Creator for blessing me with a wonderful family that loved me a lot despite my incompleteness and weaknesses.

Today when I look back I realize how great this gift of a loving family is.

Anyway, that did not reduce my suffering at all.

the pain was in the mind.

I only wanted answers to my questions…questions like-

Why all these religions exist?

Why the concept of life exists even?

Why colors exist? Could there be more colors that our minds can not even imagine?

My questions were all connected to one single question –

Who Am I?

And Why am I on Earth?

Getting the answer to this question was like getting back my breath to live – it was most important to me.

I remained running from one place to another, from one spiritual teacher to another and also exploring all religions that I could.


it felt like the Creator saw my extreme infinite pain that gave me so much unrest that nothing of this world could make me happy anymore.

And then,

a great great great Spiritual teacher appeared into my life.

Not physically…

He appeared in his consciousness

He was as bright as the sun [ I am not sure if I will ever be able to explain his beauty that radiated out of his face that was shining just like the sun]

that day…

My life went upside-down.

One thing became extremely clear to me –

that Life is not just this — this lie around me

there was More…

definitely there was so much more to our existence.

My Spiritual Teacher whom I developed faith in, only after, more than 10 years of being in his presence, though I do feel stupid now about how I could not see the Power of the Creator in Him,

He changed my life completely.

He gave my life a meaning.

He taught me the shortest technique to lead myself (my consciousness) to evolution.

He is the reason that I feel not only extremely grateful about the present moments that I have

but also grateful about this Life — this entire experience that I am having as a human being.

Let me tell you something…

the words written above are coming from a person who isn’t well traveled.

I have spent most of my life until this year, working continuously to reach my Spiritual Goals.

I must confess that I let go of many parties and many adventures as a teenager (though I don’t recommend that to anyone because age cannot be reversed and you must enjoy your life too).

But I knew deep inside of me that now with the perfect spiritual teacher by my side, I would achieve my goal very quickly and I will then, earn money and enjoy and travel later on once I have reached there.

So, whatever I told you about being grateful to life; know that I haven’t traveled many places- not even in my own country mainly because Money was never my priority back when I was on my spiritual journey.

Again, looking back, I will not recommend that to anybody because NOW, the times have changed and money is pretty much required to bring a balance to one’s life and even for one’s spiritual journey.
One must try balancing other aspects of life such as money, health & relationships (will detail on these aspects later on) along with one’s spiritual journey.

The balance actually helps one in focusing on one’s spiritual path because you aren’t worrying about other things in life.

What makes me grateful and infinitely happy is the fact that I have achieved my spiritual goal – All Thanks to My Spiritual Teacher

I have got the answer to ‘where I came from’

and ‘who the creator is’

and ‘why this universe exists’

and about the Laws of this Life and how we can really make it a beautiful one.

I am sure this wisdom will help me, now that I am fully starting my journey to earning money and sharing this wisdom and spiritual treasures with the people that I connect to, work with and make friends with.

So coming back to our main topic-

This year 2023 onwards, I am going to be celebrating my Birthday Month and not just a Birth-Day

because NOW I feel that this life was worth-it.

That I completed the only purpose that a human being comes here for – Evolution.

Also, I must share with you that although having reached the point in my consciousness, I do not choose to become a Spiritual Teacher really.

I will never take this huge responsibility by myself unless it has been ordered to me by my Spiritual Teacher.

In this life, I choose to enjoy it and to live every moment of it.

Therefore, being completely peaceful and satisfied with my existence now, I am going to explore this world now onwards.

I am going to talk to hundreds or may be thousands of people via my Podcast and my writings, and experience the Creator in each and every living being and enjoy the presence of every living being in this world.

I am going fully into my work, health and learning how to earn money and then travelling the country and the world next year onwards and in fact I have even started looking for a great life companion with whom I can just enjoy this life with and share my life’s journey with.

If you’re still reading this, I thank you for being connected to me and I hope that if you have the same spiritual goals that I had, may you achieve those.
I will always do my best by being here for you!

Stay connected. Do subscribe to my email list here ( I will put the subscribe link tomorrow) which I will probably re-start soon enough.

I Wish Lots of Love & prosperity for you!


~ Kashish Gambhir

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