zombies on earth ; awakening

I was recently checking out a series on Netflix in which I saw how all humans were being turned into demons. Suddenly, the pattern struck me. Isn’t it something happening in our own world too?

Well, humans are not being turned to demons of course! but I would say zombies…yeah! That’s right.

They are being turned into zombies – in their heads.

If you are an awakened soul you will be able to see very clearly how the masses are listening to the governments & its agendas propagated through social media and becoming zombies in the process.

We spiritual beings going through a human experience on Earth, came here only for one purpose – our evolution

to become something more than just a human being that is instead spending time sleeping, eating & drinking every month of every year.

Don’t tell me that you’ve never felt that something is so off about this world and the concept of our existence?…or that you’ve never wondered why we exist in the first place?

or that you’ve never felt that something is missing in life

but you’re just not able to make a sense of it about what that really is?

that deep within you, you know that there’s something more to this life than simply working and trying to pay your bills every single month…

don’t tell me you have never ever wondered about all of this…

‘coz if you haven’t, you might as well awaken and try thinking about the questions that we discussed above

the answers to these questions are what are gonna lead you to the source of your existence…to the truth

I am just so f***ed up seeing how millions of people in the world today are fighting over the superiority of religions when none of them have any mark of any religion on their bodies…

when the reality is that whatever religion their family (that they’re born into) is following, they simply follow that religion and then are taught by their parents & teachers of how great their religion is…

mindlessly, we humans started believing that ‘my religion is the best’ without even exploring or reading or studying any other religion. Because if we’d really studied other religions, we would come to a simple conclusion that all these holy books are actually leading us to the same single source from different paths…that they all bind us to the same truth that we call-

Tao (in Chinese)
Shabad (in Sikhism)
Ram Dhun/ Ram Naam (in Hinduism)
The Word or the Holy Ghost (in Bible)
and many more…

We are such zombies that we are fighting over declaring our own chocolate as the BEST & THE SWEETEST CHOCOLATE in this world (the one that was given to us by our parents/ family at the time of birth), without ever tasting any other Chocolate.

But how – really HOW can you declare something the BEST if you’ve never tasted others.

This is completely insane!

So tell me, are you a Zombie or An Awakened Soul?

I would highly recommend you go and watch the following series/ movies simply to stir your mind to asking more questions about your reality or your existence on Earth –

  1. Lucy
  2. If I Hadn’t Met You
  3. Top Secret UFO Projects
  4. Behind Her Eyes

Suggest me more movies/ series based on the concept of Awakening & Soul if you know!

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