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‘The Devil on Trial’ – A Netflix Documentary of Belief and Skepticism

Netflix’s latest documentary, ‘The Devil on Trial’, (watch here) explores the age-old debate surrounding the existence of the devil. In a world divided between believers and non-believers, this documentary presents a unique perspective that encourages viewers to recognize the validity of both stances.

2 Perspectives On The Existence Of Devil: The Devil On Trial Netflix

The film centers around two main perspectives: one that of the skeptical elder brother, Carl Glatzel, who firmly believes that everything surrounding the devil is a fabrication, and the second that of David Glatzel, who claims to have had a first-hand experience with the devil himself.

the devil on trial netflix review

For those like the elder brother, who have never encountered the devil or any supernatural entity, it’s easy to dismiss such stories as nonsense. They label them as “bullshit” and consider those who believe to be naive or superstitious. It’s a common reaction when faced with something beyond one’s personal experience and understanding.

On the other hand, there’s David, who stands firmly by his story of encountering the devil. His unwavering belief is rooted in a personal experience that defies rational explanation. For him, the devil is real, and his story is an essential part of his life now.

Also, I am sure that there’s a third category of viewers who remain uncertain, unsure if such extraordinary events can truly happen or not. These individuals are in the “can’t say” camp, grappling with their own doubts and confusion. They may be inclined to neither fully accept nor reject the existence of the devil at all.

The crux of the matter is that those who’ve experienced the supernatural firsthand are likely to believe, while those who haven’t often dismiss such stories as pure fantasy.

Personal Experiences Will Shape Your Reality of Life

As the documentary unfolds, it becomes evident that each viewpoint is colored by personal experiences, and it is these very experiences that shape one’s perspective on the supernatural.

The strength of “The Devil on Trial” lies in its ability to present these contrasting viewpoints without taking sides. Instead, it invites viewers to reflect on their own life experiences and how these experiences shape their beliefs.

It reminds us that we all carry a unique lens through which we perceive the world, and that lens is colored by our personal encounters and cultural influences.

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The documentary encourages us to voice our truth, no matter which perspective we embrace. It is a reminder that our beliefs, whether they align with the elder brother’s skepticism or David’s unwavering conviction, have the potential to provide someone else with a glimmer of hope, inspiration, or a positive outlook on life.

In a world filled with uncertainty and mystery, our perspectives are a part of what makes us human, and they can play a profound role in shaping our individual and collective narratives.

In the end, “The Devil on Trial” prompts us to remember that reality (for us) can be a subjective and elusive concept, and our beliefs are a reflection of our own unique journey through life.

It challenges us to respect diverse viewpoints and continue the age-old debate, for it is in this dialogue that we may find common ground, understanding, and even a shared sense of wonder about the world we inhabit.

How To Deal With Ghosts If One Experiences

Before I write down anything, we understand that the answer to this question lies in the premise that we first believe that ghosts exist. The fact is that, I restate, as we discussed above, that only if you had such an experience in life, you would believe in it, else you won’t. Otherwise, it will be all horseshit for you.

So coming back to the question, ‘How To Deal With Ghosts If One Experiences’. The answer to that is in understanding first what ‘ghosts’ are made of or ‘who ghosts are’.
You should NEVER be afraid of ghosts ever. But you should also be aware of what to speak and what not to speak while you’re in their presence.

Some of them will try to scare the hell out of you but if you are a courageous one, they will eventually leave you.

Pretty much like this world, if you show your weakness, the world will take advantage of you. But if you stay strong, they will instead get scared of your strength.

I will write a complete post on ‘What ghosts are’ and how to respond and react when you have any such experience.

Having been on the spiritual path for many years, I have had multiple instances during my life when I experienced demon and other bad spirits.

The experience of ghosts is also a part of the spiritual journey as one’s soul keeps ascending in its levels of consciousness.

As a child, I was extremely scared. But with time, and of course with the help and the teachings of my Spiritual Teacher, I was taught how to deal with such experiences strongly and calmly.

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