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Recently, a very shameful incident has come forward where the Hindu extremists were seen demanding the suspension of a teacher of ABES Engineering, because she said to maintain decorum in the school and not call out slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ instead asked the students to focus on the cultural program that included the different religions followed by all the children in the school (check out the video link below on Twitter).

Of course, there’s no problem in calling ‘Jai Shree Ram’. In fact, we should all call out ‘Jai Shree Ram’ because it is the name of a very pure soul.

‘BUT THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE’ | jai shree ram

The issue is that these Hindu extremists only have a problem if a student
(of any other religion) would have called ‘Waheguru’ or ‘Jesus Christ’on the stage…then these Hinduphobia spreading mongers would have said, that these are Sikh extremists or Christian converters.

But according to the extremists, it’s okay to call JaiShreeRam ‘coz Hinduism only taught these extremists that God is in HINDUS only!

Beware! my friends BEWARE !

These people are not REAL HINDUS.

THE REAL HINDU | jai shree ram

Have you ever wondered why all these centuries when many great Hindu Saints like Kabir Ji, Tulsidas Ji, Swami Vivekananda that had appeared in India; never run a campaign to create India a purely Hindu country?

Why is it that Swami Vivekananda, who had spread the greatness of Hinduism in his very famous Parliament of Chicago speech, boasted about how Hinduism accepts people of all religions? Have you ever wondered why?

This is simply because, these Hindus were realized souls.

A realized Soul is the one that has realized God in all living beings – as Hinduism and the Vedas truly taught us.

WHERE IS GOD | jai shree ram

That One God is in the Sun (Hindus refer him as Surya-Devta), that One Lord is in the water (out of Love, we call her Ganga-Maa),

that One Lord is everywhere, so Hinduism states that God is ‘Sarvavyapi’ (omnipresent) and ‘Niraakar‘ (the formless one).

Hinduism, I believe has seen numerous realized souls, time & again. And all these realized souls that could see God in EVERY living being and NOT JUST IN HINDUS, respected and loved everyone equally. This respect & love for all, is actually the reason that has kept Hinduism great until date.

Just wonder, what will happen, if the politically motivated (playing strategic games for next year votes) individuals, keep motivating all Hindus to hurt people of other religions in the name of ‘Jai Shree Ram’?

These innocent millions of Hindus, who thankfully, are kept unemployed by economic and strategic moves of ‘the one who should not be named ;-)’, will spend time thinking that it is because of the people of other religions that they are suffering so much in life…


When in truth, today, in 2023, in the era of modernization & globalization, it is only the political motivation that is maintaining the unrest in the entire country of 1 billion people…

TODAY, it is a CHOICE that we have – whether we wish to keep taking revenge of the religious wars of the past and keep ourselves entangled in this Karma forever Or, we simply choose to maintain peace now onwards!

What do politicians want?

All they want is your votes. And they would do anything for that. Is this religious-hate game something new in India?


It has been repeating, time and again. Look at your history, over & over again, religion has been used by the people of power to divide you and keep you in a state of unrest.

if you really are a true wise Hindu who has realized that God is ‘Sarvavyapi'(omnipresent) and does not exist in Hindus ONLY,

and if you really are a Hindu who knows that spreading hate and harming others would eventually create a Karma, that YOUR OWN SOUL will have to payback, and NOBODY ELSE will pay for the HATE THAT YOU CREATED IN ANY WAY,


Understand that –

If it is okay, to call out slogans of Jai Shree Ram, then it is also okay to listen to the slogans of Waheguru or Jesus or Allah.

But if you have a problem with a Principal who stopped a child from calling out a slogan of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ in order to maintain a decorum in school that includes children from different cultural backgrounds and different religious backgrounds, then you know HOW MUCH OF A REALISED HINDU YOU REALLY ARE!

I feel shame today, that the great work done by the great Saints of India like Swami Vivekananda and others, are being thrown into garbage by these Hindu Extremists who are using the pure name of ‘Sri Ram’ to meet their own political motives.

Now, it is for you to decide, whether you want to be a realized Soul that respects God in all living beings, or, you want to be an Extremist yourself!

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