Spirituality vs Religion

To understand the difference between Religion and Spirituality. ‘What is Spirituality?’

Spirituality, in Hindi, is called “Adhyatma”. ,i.e. “Adhi+Aatma”,  'Adhi' means Knowledge and 'Atma' means Soul

The Meaning


Aadhyatma or ‘Spirituality’ simply means “The Knowledge of the Soul”. the word ‘Spirituality itself is made from the word ‘Spirit’.

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‘RELIGION’ in Arabic is called ‘Mazhab. Initially, all of these religions were based on the principles and morals of love and humanity.

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For example,  ‘I belong to Hindu Mazhab (Hindu Religion)’ or ‘I belong to Isaai Mazhab (Christianity Religion)’.

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Our souls (we) did not come with a stamp of any religion when we were born

We usually follow the religion given to us by our families.

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