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Queen of the South is based partially on the Queen of the South (novel) by the Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte. It was originally published in Spanish under the name ‘“La Reina del Sur”.

We have all been through tough times though we can’t speak of ‘ I had the toughest time of all ‘ because that is subjective.

Except for the event that makes time tough, it also depends on many factors such as one’s ability to cope with a situation, the strengths & weaknesses, and other factors that are beyond an individual’s control.

Life has a tendency of breaking us apart and some of us may even repeatedly say ourselves statements like, ‘I can’t bear this anymore’ or ‘This is it, I am giving up!’

I have gone through something like this in my life.

In my Spiritual Awakening journey, I reached a point where I remember all my past lives on earth and knowing that I’ve been here for aeons, I felt so pathetic.

My soul cried out so much and for so many months that I felt as if I broke my soul as I cried…

An unending series of births & deaths and grief & happiness and abundance & poverty and the cycle goes on.

All I wanted was to exit. Exit from this never-ending cycle of birth & death.

So sometimes, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ really.
I am reminded of a quote by Rumi here-

Half of the life is lost in charming others.

The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others.

Leave this play, you have played enough.’

Everybody has their share of fear & problems in life, for some, the problems are related to work, for others it’s relationships and for yet others, it could be health or Spiritual problems.

But the majority population on earth does have some or another problem, some time or another.

But the nature of Life is such that it keeps changing, there’s always happiness after grief and grief after happiness.

It’s rarely all happiness and all grief in a human being’s life. It’s like a cycle. 

While I was going through my periods of Spiritual darkness, this is one Series that gave me immense strength.

Although, it’s nowhere related to my country or the nature of my life or anything really but the Character in the story, ‘Teresa Mendoza’ (played by Alice Braga) is so strong and so powerful that I had to watch it. 


I am in awe to see such a Character who started from nothing, was kidnapped and sent to another country; still did not give up, and how amazingly she kept herself together and not just accepted the situations in her life but made the best of those situations.

I loved how quickly and smartly she thought her way out of the problems and I loved her courage of not giving up at all.

Now whatever the base of the movie is, I am not going into those details because I believe that it’s an individual’s choice what one wants to learn from any given thing or situation.

Also, one can always choose to ignore the parts that one doesn’t want to learn from and pick up only those parts that one wants to implement in one’s own life.

Teresa went through things that none of us would ever, even by mistake, think of going through in our lives. 

The truth is, if we explore a few documentaries on youtube and listen to the lives of people around the world, we will realize that probably many have gone through such events in life. 

After many years of Spiritual Awakening, I know one thing for sure; all that is there on earth is only for our training to help us lead ourselves to evolution.

It is in the limited minds that we see only the pain but that’s the thing, we have to understand something more…

We have to learn to go beyond the pain.

We have to learn to become stronger in the midst of adversity. 


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