How To Be Happy & Peaceful (7 Ways)

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Do you desire a Happy & Peaceful Life? In this article, we read the “7 Do Not” that could help us stay happy and peaceful in our daily lives.

1. Do Not think too much of society’s opinions of you.

I liked keeping this one first. The surest way to a Happy and Peaceful Life. In the east, there’s a saying “log kya kahenge, which means that people are usually taking wrong decisions because they’re more concerned about “What the society would say, and less about their own Happiness and Peace.

(Let me know what they say in the West) When we are too concerned about what other people would think of us, it is because our ego is making us think that we are the center of the universe. “I” matters a lot in this world. But is that the truth my friend?


A study conducted by Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell University found that the greatest regrets that old men and women hold in their hearts are that they “did not follow their hearts. “What if I had followed my passion?” “What if I had proposed to her?”

What would people say?
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Life would have been different. They repented at the end of their lives. But why did they take such decisions at that point in time?

Well because “they thought too much of themselves and the society’s opinion of them, that in turn developed fear within and lead them to take such decisions. Follow your heart.

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2. Do Not keep in your heart any injury done by the other.

Somebody might have broken your heart and you might be carrying that pain in your heart for a lifetime. What really comes of it, my friend? Nothing.

Just more anxiety and stress. Is it solving any problem? Is it reversing the time? No. This thought has no positive side to it. If a Human Being has any power within himself, it is the Power of Choice.

Start choosing your thoughts consciously.
Choose positive thoughts only.

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Let us choose to change the direction of our thoughts today. Let us decide to move on today. Let us decide to write a “Beautiful Today” that is coming our way.

I know it’s not easy but it is also not impossible. Are we so weak that we allow our thoughts and our lives to revolve around one person? No, You are a warrior my friend.

You must decide to wake up now and create your future with positive thoughts and actions. And I know you will do this. I wish you all the Love & Courage.

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3. Do not compare yourself to anybody.

In today’s time of Social Media, so many of us compare ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) with others on a number of factors such as the number of followers. the lifestyle, the clothes, and the houses.

One may have all those things but what do we know about the mental health of such a person? What do we know about one’s personal life?

Our eyes see only the Social media pictures and not beyond that! I had the opportunity to give a consultation session to an actress who approached me out of nowhere.

Thousands of people might think that there is no better life than hers but after listening to her, I prayed to God not to give such darkness to anybody. (Now she’s better)

They may be going through Darkness that you are unaware of.

People may have everything you could imagine, but their Minds have got hold of them.

The whole game is in the Mind, my friend. Direct your Mind with the gift of wisdom, the discrimination between right and wrong. Think of any situation from more than one perspective.

4. Do not build castles in the air.

One of the major reasons for unhappiness is when we do not experience that which we had imagined.

Sometimes we make grandiose impractical plans ( this is different from visualization & setting goals ), and sometimes we also know that they will never happen, still, we allow our minds to take us down the rabbit hole of fantasies.

Now even if we were aware of its impracticality, we allowed it and gave it enough time to grow inside of us. And when that doesn’t come to pass and we feel extremely disappointed. What do we get at the end?

Do not build castles in the air.

The time is gone. And we get nothing. Why not utilize the same time to improve our skills or find out more ways to improve our lives or do anything productive?
Take Control Of Your Thoughts and make practical achievable plans.

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5. Do not get “stuck” planning about the future.

It is good to plan because planning gives a sense of direction. But one must not get stuck there. After one has planned, one must start taking action.

Many of us spend so much time planning and procrastination that little time is left to act upon the plans. What if we reverse this scenario? Would it change anything?

Can we plan for once and then start acting upon our plans? In the Bhagavad Gita (one of the Holy books of Hindus), Sri Krishna says, “You only have the right to your action. You do not have the right to the results of your action. The results of your work are never in your hands.” Is that true?

Sri Krishna says, “The results are never in your hands. Your karma is only to do your work.”

I couldn’t agree less, the results are a combination of a lot of factors like timings, intentions, external factors in the environment, and many factors that are beyond one’s control.

6. Do not keep bad company.

It is said that a man is the average of the five persons he surrounds himself with.

Here “bad” word is very subjective in nature. What may be bad for you, maybe good for me? True! So what does bad really mean here? well, “bad” means anybody who is not helping you grow. If you have that man/ woman in your life that is demotivating you and discouraging you to achieve your dreams, it is time that you let him/her go.

This life is too short to repent. What would you like to repent on, is it holding on to the person who was discouraging you, or is it letting go of a beautiful destiny that could be? YOU CHOOSE.

Choose your company carefully.

7. Do not make mountains of molehills.

Many of us have a habit of making an issue out of nothing.

While some do it only for fun but many others do it out of habits and patterns that have developed over the years. “Why did you keep that bottle on the right and not on the left? Don’t you know how I want it?” O’ well, well, well.

Let’s see this in the bigger picture of our lives. What role is that bottle going to play in the picture of my life? What would happen if I just Do Not reply to this person who keeps irritating me?

If we are not sure what would change a particular situation, I strongly recommend you to Experiment with Doing the Opposite of what you may have been doing until now and that which has been causing you trouble for so long.

What if we do not react in the same way? How would it affect my mood, my behavior, and my time?

If you feel this article could be helpful to somebody, kindly share it and keep adding to your positive karma!

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Namaste! I wish Love & Peace to you.

I love writing and I wish to spend my entire time sharing my spiritual knowledge and wisdom with the world.

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