How To Overcome A Heartbreak ( 7 ways)

In this article, I will share with you some practical ways “How to Overcome a Heartbreak” and turn it into a blessing. I am sure that it will help you because these tips have helped others as well.

I am going to share this in-depth with you and it would be great if you could spare just the next 4–5 mins and read this with complete awareness if you wish to help yourself out of this situation.

So the first thing. At present, you’re thinking that your heart is affected. Indeed, it is affected. But the reason behind all the grief that you’re going through is not really the heart. It is the Mind. Do you want to know how?

Just after the breakup, when your heart was broken, you might have come out of it sooner than you think but the mind did not let you. The Mind created wishful thoughts. did not JUST create thoughts.. it created those thoughts in a loop. “What if I had not said that to her so and so would have not happened for sure”, “What if her parents were not an obstacle, maybe she would have been with me”, “What if I were more caring (than I already was), she would have stayed”, “what if I had not said that to her………” and day in day out the Mind keeps us in the loop. The problem of depression from heartbreak originates less in the heart and more in the Mind.

Mind vs Heart
Mind vs Heart

So how are we dealing with this problem? Well let’s see,

We continue to read those old messages, listen to those songs that we listened to when we were together, hold on to the things that he/she gave to us, keep following them on social media, and keep up with the Kardashians ;-), we keep seeing our photos clicked together...Do You Really Think that this is going to help?

STOP making fool of yourself that this will help. NO! This is not going to help. Instead, it will worsen over a period of time. I have witnessed people who are still in depression just because they held on for too long or just because they wanted to prove to their lover that they made a mistake by leaving them.

My Dear Friend, listen carefully. If they want you, they will come to you. You will NOT have to convince them to come to you. In today’s era, distance is not a problem at all.

How to overcome heartbreak
How to overcome heartbreak

And when somebody really loves you, they will do anything to overcome that distance. And if they’re making so-called “genuine” excuses for a very long time, understand that you are Not their first choice. I know my words are harsh. But mind it, I have been there and I have come out of it. Now I want to help you too. So just come along with me. I am your friend.

Let’s see a new perspective here.

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Has this ever happened to you that somebody loved you a lot but even if you wanted, you were just not able to fall in love with them?

Now what if, that somebody is waiting for you for the longest period but you just do not want them? Now they are not even your third choice. But somehow you accept them into your life (maybe because your parents want somebody in your life or for any other reason). Where will this lead to? Will you ever be able to love them as much as they love you?

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Somebody is waiting for you for the longest period but you just do not want them .
Somebody is waiting for you for the longest period but you just do not want them.


Such a relationship will be baggage for you. Now put yourself in the same situation. Just change the places. Now you’re trying to be in the life of a person who doesn’t want you. Even if you do get them, that person will never fall as much in love with you as you’re and therefore, it will eventually lead to unhappiness. Do you want such a relationship where you are baggage to that person? A relationship is always two-way. Both of you must respect and love (may not always be in the same percentage but an attraction that could lead to love must exist) each other.

Anyway, Now I will tell you the solutions (some short-term and some long-term implementations) and I am sure that this will help you out in wonderful ways.

(1) TIME is the greatest healer.

For some time give a new direction to the thoughts of your mind. Do this intentionally. Involve yourself in a hobby, in any passion that you had been wishing to pursue for a long time now but have not been able to because of the lack of time. This is the perfect time to start that. Your passion could be rapping, writing, playing drums, guitar, skating, dancing, or anything. If you’re unable to join classes for whatever reasons, then devote an hour every day to learning or enjoying the same online. Today most things are available online for free.

How to overcome heartbreak

(2) Understand that this is a Mind vs Heart game.

You just have to make your mind stronger so that you are not hurt again in life. Start using your mind more than your heart. This means that you think more logically and less emotionally. ( I would like to mention here that after their breakups, many people become completely disheartened, especially men, they lose faith in LOVE but let us see it this way. If you have been loyal and if you have loved somebody completely, then there must be other women/men out there who are also willing to find a partner to Love truly. Do not see all women/men in the same way. Everybody is unique. Just because your partner left does not mean that all women/men are like that. If you’re loyal, then there are others too) {This is just one scenario}.

So, here we must remember to maintain a balance. Although you move towards making your mind stronger with time, you must also open yourself up to a new person in your life.

Just do not attach yourself too easily and too soon. Give time. But be ready to Love. Have faith in LOVE. A lover may have left, not LOVE.

Mind vs Heart Game
Mind vs Heart Game

(3) Now try to assimilate this SECRET deep inside of you.

When a person’s heart breaks, an empty space is created inside of that person (whether the person is aware of it or not).

This heartbreak has affected the Soul and when the Soul is affected, it paves the way for the Divine Energy or the Creative Force into the heart. ( I explained the same in one of my videos also {in case you’d wish to listen to the same}

The Divine Energy Flows into You
The Divine Energy Flows into You

How you’re using this Creative force that is entering your heart and your being is entirely in your hands. Are you using it in anger? In abusing the other person?

Or you’re using your gift of wisdom to direct that creative force into something more creative and productive. This is entirely in your hands.

This is the best time for you to direct your energy into that which you wanted to do for a long time (we discussed a bit of it in the first point as well). This Creative Force will give you 10 times bigger results in your work than you would ever get.

See how our world has witnessed the greatest poets, artists, musicians, and writers only after their hearts were broken. So how you use this heartbreak, this energy, this force, is in your hands, your karma. You are the Creator of your own life.

How you use this energy is your wisdom.
How you use this energy is your wisdom.

(4) PLEASE Stop listening to sad music or music that reminds you of those old days. YOU HAVE TO STOP IT DELIBERATELY.

(5) ACCEPT the Present. Suddenly become a rational Human Being 🙂 {and you can come back and read this article as many times as you want}

All you have is the PRESENT moment. THIS MOMENT is also the one in which you can Upgrade yourself Level up your Life and Become a Better Version of yourself. TIME will wait for none. Understand that. So decide upon at least two skills that you’re going to upgrade yourself in this year and find out the ways in which you will do that.

(6) Watch, read, and listen to only the things that are positive and that uplift your mood.

And absolutely Nothing else. You cannot afford to check her/his install profile for just 1 min.

It just does not work that way. Say them Goodbye today. Decide to Level Up Your Life. Give yourself a timeline of one year or two. Decide to start your journey today and just never look back.

Understand that “You Move On the Day You Decide to Move On”.

How to deal with the heartbreak

(7) For some of you Meditation may work but for many, it won’t work at this point in time.

Your mind is extremely restless. It needs to be directed elsewhere. So here are a few things that you can do.

Take a trip (if you can), visit a place in your city that you had been postponing for a long now, call that old friend, make new targets for the body and join that gym, and join a new local community on Facebook and make new friends and go out, create a New Life for yourself.

Call that old friend

Some more pointers ~

* Start talking to your parents and siblings for a change and try to know them more 😉

* Start making (or making more) posts or videos on Social Media for a change. Involve yourself in work and creative pursuits.

* Get a new haircut or a makeover.

These are some of the ways that could help you get over it. Of course, it will take you time to implement them as well. But am sure, with your efforts and Time, you will come out of it.

Wish you all the Love and Peace.


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