Which Religion Is The Best In The World


1. The Purpose of All The Religions was Love

Before we come to a conclusion about ‘Which Religion is Best in the World’, we need to understand first ‘What was the purpose of all these religions?’

The simple purpose of all the religions was to spread love in the hearts of men because the Supreme Soul is in all beings and we all are a part of the Supreme Soul.

Atam Mein Ram,
Ram Mein Atam.

In the Soul is the Creator,
In the Creator is the Soul.

~ Guru Granth Sahib Ji

LOVE is the highest form of vibration. It is the highest form because, eventually we all realize that God is in every speck of this universe.

References of Love from different holy books-

(1) Love in the Quran
By equating all believers as brothers or family, the Holy Quran sets another reminder for us all that we must love one another as part of a broader family of humankind. Love should not be limited to romantic love or spousal love and should instead be utilized to help build a society of merciful and respectful brothers and sisters. (Source)

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(2) Love in The Bible

Jesus himself said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘ ” (Matthew 22:37-39, ESV).

MANY RELIGIONS ONE GOD : The Best Religion In The World

Published in 2018. *Kindly ignore my hand movement, I wasn’t good at video-making back then.


Today, In the name of religion (Hinduism/ Islam/ Christianity or any other religion for that matter), people are being murdered, nations are raging wars and women are getting rape and murder threats for expressing their thoughts about other religions openly.

Religion is being used to create hate in the hearts of men and lead men to develop ill feelings towards each other.

Whatever happened to the ‘not injuring the feelings of any man (human being)’?

‘O Bulleya kisey da dil na dhaayein,
O Rub Dillan Ich Rainda’

~Bulleh Shah

It’s time that we started using our gift of wisdom and our sense of discrimination and ask ourselves question a few questions like (from my poem)-

A Poem by Kashish Gambhir @karmicbuzz –

When I was born, I did not know which family I was going to take birth in.

Which Religion is Best in the World picture blog article
Which Religion is Best in the World

If my parents were Hindus, I automatically became a Hindu.

If my parents were Muslims, I became a Muslim.

It means that the Religion I was given at the time of my birth was not in my hands…

It means that my soul – my atma never came with a stamp of any religion.

then ‘how’ does one religion become ‘MY’ religion or ‘YOUR’ religion?

when’ does one religion become ‘MY’ religion or ‘YOUR’ religion?

‘Kill me for YOUR religion you said?’

Don’t you remember, O Hindu, you were a Muslim in your past life…

Don’t you remember O Muslim, you were a Christian in your previous birth…

Have we forgotten it all?

Why are we killing our own brothers and sisters in the name of religion?

Religion was made by us to love and remember God in our own ways...

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you”, the Bible taught me (John 15:12). (Source),

We are all souls, spiritual beings (Gita 2.13), entitled to rejoice in eternal love with the supremely lovable and loving God, the Bhagavad Geeta stated (Source)

Saach kahon sun laehu sabhai,
jin prem keeou thin hee prabh paaeiou
that those of you, who become loving alone will realize God
~the Guru Granth Sahib Ji taught me

What has happened to us Human Beings?

When we all were taught the same teachings in different ways,

Why did we loose our path?

You say I can find God only through YOUR Religion…

WHY? Isn’t your God Omnipresent?

Isn’t your God Omniscient?

Which Religion is Best in the World
Family following a certain religion

And if God were to be realized through only one specific religion…

does it not mean that such a God is biased towards his’ other sons and daughters?

And if a Father is biased towards some of his sons and daughters then what kind of Father is that?

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How many more lives shall we take to realize this truth?

How many more brothers & sisters shall we kill to realize the omnipresence of God?

When shall we ask these questions to our souls?

Have we still not Awakened?

~Kashish Gambhir


Which Religion Is The Best in the World

Watch my Short Movie ‘How I Found the Best Religion in this World’ below based on my real-life story.

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