Why I Write On Politics As A Spiritual Guide

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An article- ‘Why I Write On Politics As A Spiritual Guide’

Spirituality is not just going to the mountains and meditating there.

Instead, the consequence of deep meditation that leads one to self-realization & God-realization is finally coming to an understanding that the Lord pervades every speck of this Universe.

That we are all souls and we are inter-connected. That one event in one part of the world may have a cascading effect on all other parts of the world.

This indeed also gives an understanding of the Law of Karma, which in turn inspires one to not harm any living being.

Politics in India is one thing that has led to wars, time & again.These wars, then have resulted in massacre, rapes of innocent and what not.

Now if one has understood the Laws of this Universe well, then one will know that ‘everything – absolutely everything is connected‘.

What that means is, that if today we harm a person (in another country) in the name of religion, then it may land us up in that very religion (in that country) in our next life in order for us to pay for our actions and to go through the exact same events for our soul to understand the very foundation of life :
What goes around, always comes around. Sooner or later.’

The mention of KARMA in Hinduism, Sikhism, Bible (termed as Law of Compensation), Buddhism and many other religions is not a coincidence.
The enlightened beings that came into these religions realized the importance of disseminating the most important knowledge to the mankind – Karma.

This then brings us back to the title of this article – ‘Why I Write On Politics As A Spiritual Guide’.

Well, after my spiritual journey of more than 29 years, I have realized that the huge wars like Mahabharat (let’s not have the history vs mythology debate for a moment) have changed the course of lives of more than a billion human beings.

Now in 2023, when the world is connected more than ever, the effects will not limit themselves to Indians. Any war in a thriving country like India, will have a ripple effect on the entire world.

I believe that just in the past few months, we already have seen the proof of this concept and there should be no doubt left anymore.

The religious divide in India and the growing death of secularism is already causing a ripple effect in different parts of the world. It has effected children & adults alike.

We have reached a point where people from different nationalities are travelling & living in different countries.
So whatever happens in India, will undoubtedly have an effect on the people, children, and even their neighbours & the children of their neighbours in all these countries.

This is what will define the upcoming lives of the next generation.

India is no small country. More than 1 billion people are its residents. The total population of the world is 7.8 billion.

Even if each Indian has an effect on only 1 other person/ relative/ friend living across the world, imagine the magnitude of this effect:
1 billion people each + 1 person each to 1 billion = totals 2 billion or more...and we know that today a person is not connected to just 1 other person across the world, we are connected to many.
This gives us an understanding that a country of 1 billion will have an effect on the destiny of the entire world eventually.

May be now you know.

This is the exact reason why I write on Politics.

If a small act of mine can lead someone else to cause an action that would in turn lead a ripple effect and touch the lives of many, then that little act is also worth it!

-End of the article-

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