Hindu Muslim Conflict 5 Qs | Misinterpretation of Hindu Teachings SHOULD Read

Hindu Muslim Conflict

Lately, a lot misinterpretation and thus the dissemination of the Hinduism teachings has caused wreck havoc on the society at a mass scale. This is also a major cause for the Hindu-Muslim conflict that has grown in past few months.
The following article is extracted from my conversation with a group, which consisted of people having different (a few shocking) viewpoints about whether they should kill people from other religions that are not following Hinduism or not.

Note: I do not support Congress, AAP or BJP or any other political party. I speak only from the Divine Knowledge and the Divine Eye blessed upon me by God and provide references from the teachings of Sri Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita to support my stance.
Hinduism and its teachings existed much before BJP or Congress. And NO political party has any authority over Hinduism.

We are the ones who are not awakened enough and have limited ourselves into thinking that Hinduism is connected to political parties in any way.

Since when did we start equating the greed of POWER and MONEY  as is present in POLITICS to Hinduism which teaches DETACHMENT from the 5 vices of lust, greed, anger, attachment and ego?” -Kashish Gambhir

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Sanatani Hindus | Hindu-Muslim conflicts | Hindu-Muslim relations | Religious violence

Is it right to use the name of Lord Sri Ram and hurt and kill others in the name of religion in order to make them believe how great Hinduism is?

Is that a show of greatness?’

Q. Arjuna also fought with his own brothers for Dharma. Then why should we not fight?

  1. Arjuna also fought. Yes. BUT Mahabharat was a yudh (war) of Dharma and Dharma means RIGHTEOUSNESS, not RELIGION. There was NO religious cause in Mahabharat. Draupadi was disrobed in a court seated by a king and his sons, kings from other states and many rishi munis and sadhus. Saving Draupadi was the DHARMA (kartavya/ righteousness and NOT RELIGION]
    (read more on Dharma) for Draupadi’s husbands. This is also evident from the teachings of Sri Krishna when he taught –

    “yada-yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata
    abhyutthanam adharmasya tada tmanam srjamy aham.”

Whenever there is a decline of righteousness(dharma)
and rise of unrighteousness (adharma), O Arjuna, then I
incarnate Myself.

If you learn from Sri Krishna’s teachings above, you will see that he NEVER said the decline of religion, he talked about RIGHTEOUSNESS.

SINCE WHEN DID HINDUS start killing others in the name of religion and stopped becoming the warriors who fought for DHARMA (righteousness)?

Forgetting that Soul (Atma) is in every living being, if people are hurt, they will have to pay the karma they don’t know yet! 

Q. Others should understand that The LORD is in MANDIRS and not Masjids or Gurudwaras.Masjids don’t allow Hindus to enter (though Gurudwras do!) Therefore, we should also not allow them to go to our holy places like Haridwar river and temples.

A. Well, we Hindus, after expanding our consciousness (chetna) realized that the Lord is in every living being.
Sri Krishna taught that ATMA (soul) is in every speck of this Universe that’s why we call the water as Ganga Maa (the Mother Ganga) and the sun as Surya Devta (the Sun God).

Sri Krishna declares in Chapter 10, verse 20 that He is situated in the heart of all living beings. ‘Our soul is the body of God, who is the soul of our soul.’

Then how are we, Hindus, closing the Omnipresent Lord (Param-Atma/ the Soul of all our souls) to specific holy places ? Why do we even call him ‘Sarvavyapi’(omnipresent and omniscient) if we do not believe that He is?

And then you are talking about the Bhagavad Gita that clearly states the teachings of Sri Krishna who taught us the same in Chapter 15, verse 7:

“The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts.”

And IF He is Not omnipresent or present in every living being, then how can He be God?

Why have we limited ourselves to thinking that God is only in specific human beings who are following specific religion  and specific faith out of the 4000 recognized religions in the world ( 4000 [as per visual capitalist .com statistics and nationaldaycalender.com]?

If you say that other religions don’t allow Hindus to enter, it may be because the awakened ones in that religion did not reach the level of consciousness where the rishi-munis or the enlightened ones realized that God is in every particle of the universe, therefore, they may not have been taught by their ancestors to treat all with absolute equality and allowance for all to enter their holy place.

But Hindus were taught this explicitly, weren’t they?

By treating others the way they are treating us, we are only proving that –

a) our religion has probably stooped down to the level of their religion (if we consider other religions inferior).
b) that we do not read the Bhagawad Geeta or have never experienced God
c) that we are As disillusioned as they are (if we think that all others except Hindus are living in illusion)
d) that God is not omnipresent and omniscient (wait, who is God really then according to you?)

By harming others, we are also proving the inefficacy of Hinduism. It will only demotivate others to become a Hindu.

Our actions (karma) should be so good that people would say, WOW! I want to be a Hindu – but it’s speaking otherwise –

Yesterday, as I was passing by a street, I overheard 5-6 youngsters who were discussing that if in their religion (Hinduism), they kill others in the name of Sri Ram, then it’s better that they become atheists – and not follow Hinduism at all!

What have you done HINDUS? What have you done? 

You hate the missionaries that were converting people to Muslims & Christians all these years, but

Do you know why it has been difficult for missionaries to convert a majority of Indian people to Islam in INDIA all these years?

It was because of the respectful treatment of our Hindu sages and Hindu people to ALL humans irrespective of their backgrounds such as religion, color, caste etc.

BUT Now..in 2023,

We are again at the point where wheels of time are changing and how we treat others will define the future of Hinduism

Suppose you were a Muslim and you were mistreated by a Hindu,
Would you ever respect a Hindu again?

After witnessing something like that, would you ever want to become a Hindu?

What would be the effect of a Hindu’s misbehavior on you?

Will it pull you towards Hinduism or away from it?

Will it increase the conversion to Islam or decrease it?

If you say that Muslims & Christians converted others forcibly and that’s why that religion should not be accepted and if today you are doing the same thing by forcing others to follow your religion rather than showing the greatness of your religions via your actions then —

‘O Hindus, according to the above stated definition of yours, what is the difference left between Hinduism and other religions today?’

Q. Can I accept anyone’s father as mine? Because eternal God in him?

A. There is a reason that people did not appreciate Islam much in India because of a few things like forcibly converting others into their religion.

But if we also started behaving the same way, then we are basically showing that our religion also has stooped down to their level (if we consider their religion inferior).

A very simple solution to stop conversion was simply to pass a Law that nobody could convert anybody into their religion by force. that’s it!


It is our behavior that should speak for itself. That should make people think and say -Wow! I want to be a Hindu.

 but if we show the attitude of mistreatment then why would anyone want to be a Hindu?

Have almost 80% of the population of Hindus in India become so weak that they are fearing the 20% (that is formed by combining all the religions) and have stopped welcoming all others? (more on this point below)

We all are Souls (atma). Atma is not only in ALL human beings but also in trees and animals.

Else why would we seek and pray to God in different forms in Hinduism???

Because that is what the realization was by our rishi-munis. That the Param-atma pervades the entire Earth and that we are all souls.

Q. What Is the Highest Teaching in Hinduism?

  1. The highest teaching in Hinduism as mentioned in the Vedas and the scriptures, is the Shabad.(read more on SHABAD here)

    The SHABAD is what can make you experience the ONENESS of all things in the world.

    If you were indeed a True Hindu and connected to SHABAD, there had been NO FEAR in you for any other religion and there had been only ONENESS in your mind!

    It says-
    Shabad is the arth (meaning) and shabad is the Gyan(knowledge) and shabad is what we  connect to listen to the sound of the soul.

    This secret is not only mentioned in Hindu scriptures, it is also mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikhism) and Bible (Christianity).

In Christianity, Shabad is referred to as ‘Word’.
The Bible says, ‘In the beginning was the Word (Shabad), the Word(Shabad) was with God and the Word (shabad) was God.’

The  GGSJI also states,
‘Shabad Guru, Surat Dhun Chela.’
The Guru is the SHABAD, and when the SOUL listens to the sound (dhun) of the Shabad, it becomes the disciple (Chela).

Q. We should kill Muslims because their population is increasing and because they also kill | Hindu population | Conversion to Islam




Wasn’t Covid enough to teach you  that the Lord is the one in control of the population.

Now if you want to take the control of population, then you will be the one who will have to pay the price of this karma of taking away the souls in your will. Everything comes at a price in this world.

Because you will be destroying the order and the destinies of many children by taking away their parents or family, you will eventually have to pay it in the form of rising hate, anxiety, loss of loved ones, in your own life.

It doesn’t end here…

Because you would have messed up with lives of many, your karmas will come to you in many lives to pay for the loss of many lives that you cause in this one.

until 2023, it has been very difficult to convert people into Muslims & Christians in India (in comparison to other countries where Muslims are in Majority now after their population increased over the years).

The reason, as stated before, was the respect and treatment by Hindus to people from all religions. This has motivated everybody to stay a Hindu and not convert. hence, very less conversion to other religions in comparison to other countries’ conversions.

But if today, we start misbehaving or killing others in the name of Religion,
then neither HINDUISM will EVER become GREAT because of the conflicts and killings karma it will cause on the souls of Hindus who have killed (NOT for DHARMA (righteousness))


people will want to be HINDUS anymore.
The killings of others will also develop guilt in Hindus about belonging to Hinduism

apart from a world war because of religions eventually.


‘Karam Pradhan’ [ karma is supreme]

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