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Imagine you’re sitting in a theater and watching a play.

On the right side of the stage are actors from Australia. To their left are three students from JNU India, crying for their rights to freedom.

Suddenly a toy plane named American Airlines carrying 170 dots lands on the stage.

Seeing this, your friend sitting beside you jumps up, he doesn’t want to miss this moment and starts making a video that might go viral on TikTok.

Now your Father comes to pick you up from this highly disturbing or highly entertaining or highly boring play (you choose your perspective). He is standing to your left and tells you “My child let’s go back Home”, while you

What is Spirituality?

are absolutely engrossed in the play and not paying attention to the Voice of the Father.

This is the state of our lives today. Our limited perspectives and unlimited egos make us feel that we are the center of the Universe.

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Spirituality Guide for Beginners

Everything revolves around us. We choose not to see the bigger picture. We choose not to assimilate the Truth, we choose not to pay attention and question the Father,

“Which Home Father? I do not remember. All I know is this theater that I have been sitting in, for the past 29 years now”.

Everything in this world starts from an emotion of “INTENSE DESIRE”. Not just a thought. But the Intense Desire gives rise to never-ending thoughts.

Unless we Mortals desire the answer to the question of our existence on earth (the theater), we will never get the answers. Now you might say that Science is already working on this question. True! Shall we wait for the science to reach there?

Human Beings, irrespective of their backgrounds, nationalities, religion, and culture, have the right to the answer to this question because each human being is leading himself to his evolution (some are leading themselves at a faster pace than others), whether they want it or not.

Another route to the answer to the Truth of our existence lies in Spirituality.

Spirituality is about reaching the Truth of our Existence by Expanding our Consciousness Infinitely.

As Human Beings, we have been blessed with the gift of Wisdom which we never tried to use in the direction that would help us make our way back to the Creator.

We constantly worry about impermanent things (which seem very big to us due to our limited perspectives).

We worry about getting the number of followers without expanding our eyes to an understanding of the bigger picture of Life, just as William Shakespeare said ~

                                        All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women are merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

(from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques)

I do not mean that we should not care or worry about this world and our lives, what I am trying to put forward is that we worry more because we know less. The closer we are to the Truth, the less we will worry. It all starts with changing our desires.

Saints, time and again have talked about the impermanence and ever-changing nature of this world.

But we have never paid attention to the Teachings of the Saints.

We have got so lost in the play that we have forgotten our Spiritual Nature and attached ourselves so much to the play that we are thinking that we are a part of it. Just like, we used to get engrossed in the movies while we were young.

Spirituality is all about realizing the True Nature of our beings. It is about realizing that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

Lately, I came across this book on the Internet, it’s called the Untethered Soul, although I haven’t read this book but as I read the reviews, I was surprised to know the similarities in the thoughts that the author has expressed in this book.

As per the reviews of a reader Eric, “He wonderfully shines a light on the process that is happening to you and if you are paying attention, you could discover one of the most important ideas you could ever learn; you are not your thoughts. ”

To experience our True Spiritual Nature, we must shed all of the beliefs that we have been carrying. We must become Seeker and not remain Believer. This is because “Beliefs” have a very weak foundation while “Experiences” have a strong foundation.

This way you will get a detailed beginning of what Spirituality is and where to really start from.

Wish you loads of Peace & Love!

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