Does God Exist – Is God Real? From an Atheist to a Knower

Does God Exist - From an Atheist to a Knower

Let me take you to my childhood where it all started, where the question “Does God Exist – Is God Real? started growing within me – and turned me from an atheist to a knower.


I was born in a Hindu-Punjabi family in India. But I was not a Hindu because I was not aware of what being a Hindu was.

Pic: A Hindu Girl
A Hindu Girl Picture: Cava

I was going to a Christian school and had friends from Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain and Sikh families. (You know that’s how India is; am so Grateful for this experience !)

While in school, whenever we made our prayers to “Jesus Christ” and sometimes we made prayers to “God”, one question constantly kept popping into my heart and mind, the question was “Who is God?”.

Pic: Jesus Cross - Sign at Night. Is God Real? Jesus Christ Loves you.
I was studying in a Christian school

I was stuck with this question so much that the answer to this question meant education to me, it meant life to me. The school studies were not as important as the answer to this question.

If you’d wish to know from where I got the inspiration to ask such questions, well, I was born with this defect ;-). The questions were within me since my birth.

So one day I asked my Sikh classmate which God she sent her prayers to.

She said that she made prayers to “Waheguru”, while my Hindu friend replied that she made prayers to “Krishna”, and my other friend sent prayers to “Ganesha”. I was pretty much confused.

I thought to myself, “Where are these prayers going?”

Pic: A Ganesha God Murti
Lord Ganesha in Hinduism

Who is listening to my prayers?

I was an atheist back then and I would not believe in anything until I had ‘proof for it‘.

Or ‘experienced the existence of God‘ in this case.

I was born in a family of Hindus but what if I were born in a Christian family?

Then automatically I would have been a Christian right? So I don’t get to choose my God really?
Then who is the real God?

Are all of these school prayers that were made under the sky, going to the respective Gods?

Are all these God friends sitting up there having a party? Nobody had answers to my questions.

“If I never experienced God, I would never believe in His Existence, or I’d rather say, KNOW his existence”.

Pic: A hand towards the sunlight. Is God real?
Have you ever Experienced God? Picture: Canva

‘What if these Holy Books are just implanted in our minds by a Being of much Higher Consciousness?”
I wanted proof for everything.

I thought, “What if I experienced God myself, am sure I will get the answers to all the other questions I have within me” and getting answers to all my questions would satiate my thirst for the truth of my existence.

I was already practicing meditation since my childhood without being aware of the term “Meditation”.

I knew that there was something more to Life for sure, but what that was, I was never sure of until I started experiencing things that had no logical explanation.

What I am going to write down here is just one of the experiences from my Life (and it has my copyright;-)).

My Teen Days

It was winter. 29th December. I was in 10th grade.

Our school was holding an event in a stadium.

We started from the stadium at 9 pm on our school buses. I reached my bus stop around 10 pm.

Pic: A bus halting in an empty lane.

The Bus halted. There was nobody.

As soon as the bus halted at the bus stop, I realized that there was absolutely nobody on the road.

My school bus used to drop me on the main road; it was a wider crossroad and my home was a little far from there.

I was a child and I was a little scared of getting off the bus at that time especially when I saw absolutely nobody around me.

So I, along with my friends requested the bus driver to drop me inside my house lane, to which he denied and said, ” Either you get off the bus or I’ll start the bus”.

I could not think further and got off the bus. As soon as I got off, I thought that I should wait for my parents to come (the bus had dropped me off 10 mins before the time that was conveyed to my parents and at that time we did not have any mobiles).

So I slowly started walking towards my home just to realize that there were as many as 12 dogs on the street that were fighting with each other and so I could have got myself bitten.

Pic: A dog.

I decided to seek help from the homes around just to realize that it was too late; either the lights were off or the homes were locked.

It was winter, people go to their homes early.

So eventually I came back to the bus stop thinking that I would take a lift from any car that would come and request the person in it to drop me home (just a few years ago there was no Uber).

At that time I was unaware that there were all kinds of people in this world – good and not so good.
So I started waiting for a car to come.

And this happened…

This incident was just the beginning of a series of spiritual experiences that changed a lot in my life…

Now I was there, standing on the bus stand, waiting for a lift. So naive of me.

I looked to the right on the road (1st second), “Nobody is there”’s a long long road connecting a bridge and there’s absolutely not a soul on the road.

I looked to the left (2nd second), “Nobody is there on the left side as well”.

I looked to the right again (3rd second).

Pic: An empty road. Does God Exist?

I am in a shock.

There was Nobody on the road just a second ago.

Now, there is a rickshaw that appeared within a fraction of a second and the man on the rickshaw is — sleeping? Whattt?

Pic: A rickshaw . Does God Exist?

The Rickshaw appeared out of nowhere.

This is impossible. Absolutely impossible because…

how can ANYBODY ride a rickshaw IN LESS THAN A SECOND and then sleep with his legs over it?
All of this in one second?
(We know how slow rickshaws are if you’ve seen one working before)

There is no logical explanation. It is beyond my imagination.

Anyway, I had to go home. So I approached the rickshaw-puller and tried to wake him up.

This man is in a deep sleep. Very deep sleep.

“How could somebody park his rickshaw and get into a deep sleep in a second?“, I was thinking constantly.

It was only after the FOURTH time I called out the Bhaiya that he woke up. I asked him to drop me at my home.

He agreed and I sat on the rickshaw.

All this time on the rickshaw I was just thinking,

“Is this God helping me? And if it is, how could I test that it’s God?

At last. It popped up in my little child’s brain. It was very simple…

If the rickshaw-puller disappeared in the same way in which he had appeared, He was definitely God or something from beyond.

I reached home.

Got off the rickshaw and called my mother for the balance of 5 rupees that I was running short of.

My mother gave me the money, turned towards the door, and told me to shut the door.

NOW is the Time“, I said to myself.

I must find out the Truth right now. There will not be another chance to confirm this.”

I gave the balance to the rickshaw-puller and turned myself towards the door.

I stopped and started counting to 5.








Pic : A girl turning around to find there is nobody. Is God Real? From an Atheist to a Knower
Picture: A school girl on the road looking behind

I told you. I told you. I told you”, my soul screamed within me in exhilaration.

The rickshaw puller had disappeared in 5 seconds.

It was impossible.

It would have taken at least 5 seconds for the rickshaw-puller to just turn the rickshaw backward.

The way out of my house lane was very simple and it was very clear as well.

Anybody could see very clearly all around, there was no place to hide.

Pic: a lane with houses in a line. Does God Exist?
Picture: Houses in one lanethere was no place to hide.

The houses were in one lane with no empty space in between.

For any human being on a rickshaw, to cross that lane from one end to another would take at least 1 minute.

Turning and disappearing in 5 seconds was not Human at all.

Can you give me any logical explanations for this incident?

Does God Exist- Is God Real?

I am probably the person who has doubted herself the most in this world.

I questioned everything.

Every spiritual experience that I was given, I never believed in it easily.

Faith is not built in a day. And neither did mine built in a day.

And it’s human nature to doubt and all of us have that naturally.

It’s good to doubt because if we do not doubt, we would never reach the truth of the matter.

A Rickshawpuller appearing and disappearing was absolutely not proof of the presence of God to me.

But what I did not know at that time was…

that this was just the starting.

If I only had one experience in my life, I would never share my story with you ‘coz I won’t believe in anything really so easily…

I would just consider it a hallucination that happened once.

But just to let you know that all my life I have been a non-alcoholic, non-smoker, and never consumed any psychedelic drugs. 

I just have practiced meditation every single day under the guidance of a very profound Spiritual Master. 

The right technique of Meditation with a great Spiritual Master opened a new dimension of life for me and I am eternally grateful to my Spiritual Master. 

It taught me that there is more to life than just eating, drinking, and sleeping.  (Read: The Lamp of the Body Is The Eye)

If today, I am able to teach consciousness and soul, it is because I first questioned everything.

and also because I doubted everything.

I opened myself to the truth, whatever that may bring to me.

But to know the truth,

we have to be open-minded and not remain atheists, just because we were atheists before or because we have decided once and for all. An atheist should be an atheist by logic – by the non-existence of proof of God and not because he/she decided to be an atheist at one point in time.

An atheist cannot change unless he has proof and who can better understand that than I do? I did not change until I was given many experiences and until I had hundreds of proofs of personal spiritual experiences myself.


If you want to have more spiritual experiences in your life, you must first be open to the idea that

‘I do not know anything‘.

Neither you should be an atheist nor a theist. 

(Read My Blog: How to Remove Negative Thoughts & Build A Positive Life: 5 Actionable Steps).

Just start at nothing and surrender and be open to the Universe…

say out loud to the Universe, ‘I am ready for new experiences in my life, show me what is beyond this mundane life’…

I assure you.

The process will start at the very second you start seeking with all your heart and soul.

So did this Spiritual Experience make me a Knower of God?

NO. It did not. What did you expect? Would my mind believe in it so easily? I just shared with you in my write-up above.

I forgot about this experience as time passed.

I remained an atheist.

But with meditation, my consciousness kept expanding and new dimensions of life kept unfolding in my life..

As my consciousness kept expanding, I was able to connect and truly understand the subtle meanings in the teachings of Jesus Christ, Rumi, Mira Bai, and many others who were actually conveying the same things in many different languages.

I started becoming a Knower, a Knower of many secrets that I wanted to know for eternity.

Somebody said to me that you experienced it because you had a desire. Well, it’s possible that I was given this direction because I was a seeker first.

But tell me while we live in this world, is there any time during our lives when we do not have any desire at all? The desire to sleep – to eat – to rest – everything is a desire.

Even the desire to realize God is a desire. We all have desires. But what desire we intentionally and consciously wish to have, is definitely on us – it is our choice.

I turned from being an atheist to a knower after 18 (eighteen) years of this incident. 

All those years, my mind was questioning everything that was coming my way 🙂

Pic: The Universe. Is God real?

Secrets of the Universe

My friends, I want to tell you one thing here out of my personal experience with God.

GOD has NO religion. A Human Being’s limited mind cannot see or comprehend the formless all-pervading omniscient Being/ God.

‘Kill Me For YOUR Religion You Said?’ A Spiritual Poem by Kashish Gambhir
Pic: Light coming out of the sky on a beach surrounded by mountains. Does God Exist?
God is Formless. God has No Religion. Picture: Canva

Whether you are an atheist or a believer, just remember one thing in Life.

Whenever you are going through great difficulties in your life, at that time, with all your heart, mind, and soul…

Just call out (to whosoever you believe in, whether it is Allah, Jesus, Krishna, or just the Universe),

If YOU Exist, Come and Help Me” and I promise, If you call the Universe (God) with all your Heart, you will start getting your answers…

God may not appear in a Light form as shown in the movies, or in a form that our minds might imagine.

But He may appear as a Rickshawpuller, as an animal, or as a bird, or as anything he may wish to appear in.

It is our inability to recognize HIM/HER (as God is formless there can be no gender specifications) that we make ourselves stressed, full of anxiety, and fearful.

This was my first experience of life that I shared with you. Later in life, I had other profound experiences and a few where I had direct experience of Jesus Christ.

The know-how (the Truth that I now have absolute faith in, after 18 years of doubt and a series of spiritual experiences)  has now changed my perspective on life and it has opened new dimensions of life that were beyond the wildest imagination of my mind…I should rather say, beyond the mind’s programming in any human being.

Best Spiritual Movies
‘Oh My God’ is the story of an atheist….and more

Well, save my Spiritual Master who taught me meditation and the greatest spiritual techniques, I would have never been introduced to this new dimension of life.

Over the years I have realized why the greatest Saints of our history always stressed the importance of having a Spiritual Master for one’s Spiritual Journey.

But the problem is NOT having the Spiritual Master. The Real problem is –


My spiritual Journey along with my Spiritual Master has taught me about consciousness so deeply and so many things that are never taught in our schools. 

I will soon be writing more on this in my blogs. Keep an eye out if you’re interested…

With this, I will end this blog here and I wish that whosoever is reading this may also get an Experience of the Truth if he/she really seeks it.

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