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mahabharat sushant singh rajput

What was Mahabharat? All Mahabharat was a quarrel between the right & the wrong, the fight between the conscience ( that is pure love & light ) & the mind ( that is full of desires & selfish motives).

On one side, there was Arjuna & his four brothers, along with the all-knowing omniscient Sri Krishna. On the other side, there were lakhs & lakhs of soldiers in the army of the powerful mighty Karan & Duryodhana.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s case has put hundreds of people in the Bollywood industry exactly on the same stage. Just that some are playing the main characters.

There are Arjunas & Duryodhanas; those that know the ins & outs of the industry and who may probably know the truth of this case as well.

Whenever a choice will be made, each one will be in a great conflict within, as to what should be done.

While one’s conscience might say to speak the truth but the mind may say that the truth is not in majority. This is the choice.

The same choice that the people of Hastinapur and the kings of the entire Bharat had made thousands of years ago.
We all know the ending.

The ancient story of Maha-Bharat (our Bharat) is a lesson for all generations.
A lesson of destiny that a man creates with his own choices.
That is why at the end of the Mahabharat there is a line that says ~

करम करे किसमत बने

with karma, destiny is created

जीवन का यह मर्म

this is the secret of life

प्राणी तेरे हाथ में

O’ Human being, in your hands

तेरा अपना कल |

is your own future.

How do we think KARMA works really?

Karma does not necessarily come back from the same person that one has caused pain. This whole earth is based on a simple law,

“The Law of Karma”( as stated in the Bhagwat Geeta) or “The Law of Compensation”( as stated in the Bible) “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap.”

Karma may come back from anybody in the world and when it comes, it comes back 10 times over. Then we ask God, “Why is this happening to me?” (Well, it’s happening to you because your actions caused the same pain to somebody else which you’ve forgotten now).

The best way to make any decision is very simple.
Always ask yourself, ” The consequences that will happen by my words or actions on somebody else…am I ready to have the same consequences back in my life too?” If the answer is YES, then go ahead.
But if you’re not ready to have the same pain in your life then you will just have to muster the courage like Arjuna, who was extremely afraid & fearful of going against his own kind.

But we both know, that no matter how much fearful Arjuna was and how unable he was to see his future ahead, in the end, it is always the Dharma that wins. The Lord always stands by the side of the Dharma.
Have you ever read this from the Bhagwat Geeta – YADA …YADA HI DHARMASYA….which means ~

(Read my blog ‘Be detached from the outcome and get better results’)

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna (the soul (read ‘what is a soul’ here), the positive light that is within each one of us), “O Arjuna, you must muster the courage to speak up the truth. With your KArma the destiny of the Bharat will be created”.

It is always the Dharma that wins in the end. Your one act of Karma (action) may save the lives of many to come.

What if somebody would have dared to speak up at the demise of Divya Bharati?
Nobody outside the industry knows the “Truth” behind Jiah Khan’s death except that which was shown via news. Is One perspective always the Truth?

Many actors leave their families behind, work hard, and live alone in the city of dreams just with the intention that they would not only make their mark but also change this country with better work and choices.
What if your One Choice could change the fate of thousands with a ripple effect of your karma?

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Do we even have any idea what Bliss falls upon the person who musters up the courage and stands by the side of Dharma?
Let me tell you a true instance from my own life. A few years ago, life had put me in a situation where I was all alone and stood by the side of the truth & being alone I was in minority.

Those who were confronting me were lying and they were many. Many people changed sides. They joined the army of Adharma. They thought if they did not join the majority, they would have to suffer. But just like an unpredictable Corona that changed the game of many, life turned the tables around. *That’s how God/Universe plays:-)

While I was rewarded with a Peace of Mind that was unknown to me but those who stood by the False, suffered ten times what they did to somebody.
They have still not known peace in their lives. After so many years, their lives are still full of turbulence & illness, and grief.

And what is the purpose of this Life my friend, aren’t all of us performing all the actions in the pursuit of happiness?

And if our actions would give grief to those who stood by the righteousness, then how can we expect to have a peaceful life ahead? Then we will not be able to question God,
“Why is this happening to me ?”, when Karma comes back at us.

No matter how good a friend or a family member has been to us, Adharma is Adharma, and those who support the false or choose not to speak up (which is also an action by the way) have to bear the consequences at the end of the story.

Not speaking up is not bringing any justice to the one that is right and therefore, is considered to be supporting the false by remaining quiet.

Always remember, it is our choices, that continuously create the foundation for our destiny. Fruits of the actions, have to be borne, always, whether sooner or later. (Read my blog What is the Third Eye Really)

Sometimes, when life has put us in a position of authority, then our choices can affect the lives of a hundred and a thousand thereafter.
Each effect that happens, in turn, becomes the reason for other effects to happen. It is always a chain. It may start with you.

Whether you become the starting point of a chain of positive reactions or negative, is in your hands. (with great powers come great responsibility)

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  1. Ashley

    I found your website because I was searching for an answer for “Do trees have souls?”. Recently I’ve found many answers to questions I’ve had for quite some time. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one searching for the truth. Thank you!

    1. Kashish

      Thank you Ashley. Great to know that.
      You may also want to explore the podcast ‘Karma is Supreme’ available on a few podcast platforms.

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