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Hi, today I am going to share with you the list of Best Spiritual Movies & WHY You Must Watch These Movies

1. LUCY (French science fiction)

This is my topmost ‘Spiritual Movies’ recommendation. The content of the movie is brilliant. It seems like the movie has been made out of somebody’s real experience or an experiment.
Though I am not very sure of the videos of the tigers and the deer clips inserted in between the movie; somehow these clips also add to the movie.


The movie is about Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson), a next-door girl who lands up dating the wrong guy and thus getting herself kidnapped by a gangster who is selling CPH4, a performance-enhancing drug that is injected into the bodies of the kidnapped ones.

As the drug bag breaks itself in Lucy’s tummy, she gains extraordinary physical and mental powers. She starts using more of her brain’s capacity and starts evolving at an unprecedented rate. She is unable to control this evolution process and wants to pass on the infinite knowledge that she is gaining continuously in the process.

Finally, Lucy passes on the knowledge to Professor Samuel Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) who is working on his thesis on the brain’s capacity. Lucy reaches a point in her consciousness where she becomes one with the Super Conscious.

Writer and Director: Luc Besson
Where can you watch it: Netflix, Amazon prime

Spiritual Movie Lucy on Netflix
LUCY: Credits Netflix


I put LUCY at Number 1 spot in the ‘Spiritual Movies’ list because, during my spiritual journey, I went through a lot more similar processes and experiences, just that it did not have any drugs involved but only meditation and a lot of pain in life.

I would recommend this spiritual movie to every person. It’s a great presentation of a human being’s evolution process. Though I believe, that this concept can be improved and portrayed in a manner that is even more presentable and enjoyable to the audience but this is a really good start with this particular concept in the movies. I would say WOW!

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2. INCEPTION (American Science Fiction)

Spiritual Movie 'Inception' on amazon prime
Inception: Credits Amazon Prime


This is an excellent piece on the subject of ‘the subconscious mind’. Dom Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a thief who is working on a technology that enables him to steal dreams from the subconscious minds of the people.

But it’s not easy when he is given a task that is the opposite of it.

This time Cobb doesn’t have to extract a secret from the dream, instead, Cobb must plant an idea into Robert Fischer’s mind (played by Cillian Murphy) so that Fischer may act accordingly when he wakes up.

This work also puts Cobb in an uneasy state where Cobb is repeatedly confused if he is in a dream state or in the reality. Every time Cobb feels the need to check the state of his awakening, he uses a totem (small devise and method to check one’s presence in the state of reality or a dream, in the movie ofc!).


Inception is a masterpiece on Spiritual Awakening (if one has experienced the Awakening, they will know). I have not seen a spiritual movie like this again.

If you ever experienced a dream within a dream, you will know that this confusion is possible.
While the movie talks about the dreams and the subconscious mind, those of us who are going through Spiritual Awakening may have reached a point in our consciousness where we start experiencing this whole existence of ours like a dream. No doubt, the greatest Saints like Saint Kabir have mentioned about the dream in his spiritual poems. Read Saint Kabir’s song on Awakening here.

I would highly recommend this movie. It has been made with enough research. If you are going to watch Spiritual Movies, you just can’t leave this one out.

Writer& Director: Christopher Nolan
Where can you watch it: Amazon Prime

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3. PK (Bollywood)

Spiritual Movie 'PK' on Netflix
PK: Credits Netflix


PK is a spiritual movie based on the concept of breaking oneself from the conditioning of religion.
Very beautifully presented, the movie makes us question our identity and belief systems with respect to the world religions.


I am in an awe after watching this movie. If you are somebody going through their Spiritual-Awakening Journey and wants to break the clouds of conditioning & concepts of religion, this movie should be on your must-watch list.

It will help you gain a little expansion in your consciousness by understanding how we human beings recognize each other by ‘religions’ and not as ‘humans’ anymore.

At the same time, the movie also gives a comedy touch to the whole story which is very interesting to watch and I am sure, must have been difficult to write & direct. So kudos to the writer and the director of the movie.

PK had made its way into my Spiritual Movies must-watch list long time ago. You can watch it on Netflix here.

Writers: Rajkumar Hirani & Abhijat Joshi
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Where can you watch it: Netflix

Read my Spiritual Poem on Humanity & Religion that is going viral on social media, here.

‘Kill Me For YOUR Religion You Said?’ A Spiritual Poem by Kashish Gambhir


Spiritual Movie Soul Movie on Hotstar
SOUL: Credits Hotstar


This amazing movie is about Joe, a middle school band teacher whose dream is to become a full-time Jazz musician.
On the day that his dreams are going to get fulfilled, Joe dies.
Joe’s soul goes into ‘the Great Before’ where all the souls are given qualities, personalities and interests before they get into a body on Earth.
Joe meets a soul called ’22’, who doesn’t want to go to Earth and is unable to find its purpose in life.
A beautiful spiritual movie that is much deeper than that which is obviously shown.
Read: What is a Soul?
Read: Do trees have souls?

what is a soul | spiritualITY BASICS YOU SHOULD KNOW
Do Trees Have Souls? Consciousness & Great Awakening


If you’re going to watch movies about spirituality, you really can’t leave SOUL.
In this fast-pace life today, we all are running to accomplish our goals and reach the set targets.
In this rat race, we forget to appreciate the little moments of life and enjoy the process instead.
‘Soul’ is a wonderful reminder; in that it reminds us to appreciate what we are already given ; not only the moments that slip by but also the beauty of the nature, the trees, the flowers, the winds and more.

Writers: Pet Doctor
Mike Jones
Kemp Powers
Director: Pete Docter
Where can you watch it: Hotstar

5. O MY GOD (Bollywood)

Spiritual Movie  'Oh My God' Movie on Netflix
Oh My God: Credits Netflix


An atheist, Kanji’s shop is destroyed in the earthquake and he decides to sue God in court to get his money back. To his surprise, Lord Krishna appears in his life as a young man (played by Akshay Kumar) and helps him fight the case and expose the corrupt pandits and sadhus. Lord Krishna also teaches Kanji the existence of God and the way to realize God through different paths and religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.


Well, before I tell you why you should really watch this movie; I must also share with you that while in my search for God since childhood, there was a time when I could not get any answers and I became an atheist.

I am a very logical person and if I did not have a proof for something, I never believed in it.
Without the proof, everthing is just a belief. But I knew from the beginning that ‘belief in God’ without ‘experiencing God’ could never become faith.

When the bad times come, we fall apart because ‘belief’ has no strong foundation. It is built on the teachings of our parents, schools and society. In our childhood, when we take birth in a certain family that is following a certain religion, we automatically start following that religion and our parents and teachers teach us to pray to God. But how would we build faith really when we haven’t even seen God?
Watch my movie : How I Found the Best Religion in the World?

Well, this movie ‘Oh My God’ is very close to my heart because, I, who was an atheist at a point in time, also turned into a knower of God, just like the protagonist Kanji had experienced God’s presence in the movie.

On my Spiritual Path, I have had experiences that changed the course of my life completely.
Read my story How I turned from an atheist to a knower of God. But before you read my life story,
I must tell you that this incident happened with me when I was a child and after this incident, I did not have any experience of God for quite a while; it was then that my mind started doubting a lot
(well, that’s the nature of the mind you see, it keeps doubting) and I became an atheist after that actually.

It was not until my Spiritual Master came into my life that with his taught meditation techniques and grace, I started having divine experiences beyond the comprehension of my mind. He guided me on the path where I could lead myself to expanding my consciousness infinitely and that is why, I had recommended Lucy as my first choice ‘coz I can tell you from my personal experience that all of this possible, all you need is just the right Spiritual Master on your Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Anyways, don’t forget to add Oh My God in your list of Spiritual Films.

Writer: Umesh Shukla
Saumya Joshi
Bhavesh mandalia
Director: Umesh Shukla
Where can you watch it: Netflix

2 thoughts on “Best Spiritual Movies”

  1. Keisha

    Thank you for this list Kashish!….I will definitely try and check them out. I would love to get a consultation with you. At the moment, due to my finances and schedule, I cannot, but I will put that on my manifesation desires, as there is nothing I truly value in life than union with the Divine. Currently, I am taking online meditation courses–they are helping. I was wondering, do you really belive a person can become enlightened in 6 months? Well, thank you, and much blessings to you….

    1. Kashish Gambhir

      Hi Keisha,
      Enlightenment is the end goal of the Awakening process. When we awaken, we usually think that we have become enlightened. Well, to some extent the Awakening from the deep sleep of this human life is an enlightenment in itself.
      A person can definitely awaken in 6 months but Awakening through all the levels of consciousness and finally reaching enlightenment takes its own time. The soul cannot bear the pain and reach the end goal of enlightenment within 6 months. The process is too painful for any soul to bear. Hope that answers your question 🙂

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