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The Rise of Fake Spiritual Gurus

Rumor has it that the AASHRAM series is loosely based on the lives of FAKE Spiritual Master Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Asaram Bapu.

The protagonist playing the Guru in the series ‘Aashram’ is a famous Bollywood Superstar, Bobby Deol.
Bobby Deol made his debut in 1995 with the Bollywood movie ‘Barsaat’ opposite Twinkle Khanna.

I must applaud the choices of Bobby Deol, who over a span of more than 25 years, has been consistent with his amazing movie choices. To me personally, he is an evergreen star. You never get tired of seeing him in different roles.

So I was not surprised when a bird told me that Bobby Deol was playing Gurmeet Ram Rahim in Aashram. My first thought was ‘Wow’. I knew he would justify the role.

Below is the latest trailer from Season 3 of Aashram

Where to Watch Aashram Series

Below is the first episode of Season 1 of Aashram. The complete series can be watched on MX player. This one is in the Hindi language.
You can find the subtitles in the English language on the MX Player here.

What is the Aashram Series about?

This series shows how the so-called self-proclaimed Spiritual Master like one Gurmeet Ram Rahim, rose to fame amongst the masses; made them worship himself and eventually got exposed at the end though the “exposure part” has not reached the making in the series yet.

Some more information: Gurmeet Ram Rahim started his Guru-dom with his social group called Dera Sacha Sauda in 1990 and slowly opened a few branches in Gurgaon, Haryana & Delhi with plans of opening branches across India.

As Baba’s heart shifted from satsangs to movies and acting, he was mostly spending his time acting, dancing, and singing in his self-directed movies such as Jattu Engineer (2017), MSG, Online Gurukul & more.

What is MSG

Gurmeet Ram Rahim released his debut movie MSG where he kept his own name ‘Messenger of God’. He directed it and acted in it as well. Since then, he started calling himself MSG. And the followers, of course, followed.

In August 2017, the CBI got enough proof in Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s case. The Baba was convicted of rape of two of his women disciples. It doesn’t end here. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was also convicted of the murder of a journalist named Ram Chander Chhatrapati in 2002 and has now been sentenced to life imprisonment. He is also facing prosecution for other murder charges.

At present, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is in jail serving his sentence.


Case Order Copy of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Rape Case

Kindly find the order copy from the court case of Gurmeet Ram Rahim published on a well-known news website.

Aashram Rating & Reviews

Aashram Season-1 and Season-2 have received rave reviews from audiences around the world.
The trailer of this series has crossed 20 million views and the series has been watched by millions. That is an achievement in itself.

Bobby Deol’s acting has been greatly appreciated, like always.
People have recognized this series to be based on the life of Asaram Bapu and Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

While some people find this series negative – oh! but sure it is and it shows the reality of the Fake Baba game that has been played by people like Gurmeet Ram Rahim in real life!
Just imagine, how negative life would have been for those girls that got involved with these fake babas in real life. Try empathizing instead.

I would personally give the series Aashram 4/5 for showing the truth about the Fake Babas, for the great acting by Bobby Deol, and for the awesome set and direction. It was a great package.

You can read more reviews here.

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