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What is the Purpose of this Life?“, “What am I Doing here?”, “Is it worth living?” In the midst of your job, family, and daily chores, have these questions ever crossed your mind?

Today, I am going to share with you 5 STAGES OF STAGES OF SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in very simple words.

I have been thinking about all of these questions since I was 7 years old, seems like I was carrying them within me since my past life else why would a child think of such things, right?

Anyway, if such questions have started popping up in your head somewhere, it is a very good sign that you have already started on your journey which will ultimately take you toward enlightenment. The Journey has begun my friend, whether you acknowledge it or not.

All of those who attained Enlightenment have gone through these questions. It is said that the Spiritual path is that of the brave. The cowards cannot survive. No doubt that even though millions embark on the journey to enlightenment but very few survive the burning of the Spiritual process and reach this stage eventually. Do we hear stories of Enlightenment every day?

Many come to the conclusion that Life is useless and sometimes end their lives like cowards but a handful realizes the importance of the appearance of this question. Why did the question “What is the purpose of this life appear in my mind? If the question has appeared, there must be an answer, and a satisfying answer; something that would feed my soul & mind both.”

This spiritual Journey which starts with this simple yet complex question is the initiation of the Journey toward Enlightenment in one’s life.

One must start looking for the answers. Only when the soul is fed, will it come to peace. Consider it a seed that will not only grow into a tree but into a whole Forest that will fill you so much that one day you will forget where it all started.

You will start your journey as a Seeker. This is the First stage.

The next stage (which could be days/ months/ years/ lifetimes; depending on soul to soul) will make you a believer in God (Note: in this stage, you could also be an atheist; that really doesn’t affect your journey in any way).

One more important point here is that for some people the first two stages may come vice-versa. That’s absolutely fine.

The Third stage will make you a Knower. Knowledge comes from experience. This is when you will start witnessing miracles in your life. At this stage, it may also happen that your life gets surrounded by miracles but you are unable to see them clearly or may not see them at all even if they exist.

Picture: stages of spirituality
Picture: Knower of the Creator | Credits: Canva

The Fourth stage will make you a speaker/ lecturer on the same topic because you will be overflowing. Although you may or may not take it up professionally. That will be your choice.

In the Fifth stage, you will forget who you are, basically, you will lose your existence completely; for this stage to happen, all your desires will become zero; very few people are able to reach here. To reach here, one would have already overcome all the senses and would have lost the desire for money, lust, and attachments.


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And the Sixth stage (the last), you will stop existing completely; which means that only the Super-Conscious (God) will remain in you, You will not. Less than 1% of people in the world reach this stage. It does not mean that “You” as a Human Body will stop existing.

It just means that although your body will exist YOU ( as a Human Being ~ Your identity) will not exist anymore. It means that the Super-Conscious will completely take over your body to complete its own tasks in the big game of Life. On the outside, you will seem the same to everybody, but on the inside, you (as Your identity) will remain only 1% (in your awareness.) The rest 99% will be the Super-Conscious.

To explain this concept, I will take a few lines from the poem of a great Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah.

“tuhi o hai mai nahi ve sajna…tuhi o hai mai nahi..”


Bulleh Shah on Love of God.

“You alone exist I do not, O Beloved

You alone exist I do not.”

Bulleh Shah and a few others reached this sixth stage. Everybody that attains Enlightenment goes through the stages of doubt, existential crisis, faith, loss of faith repeatedly, the inner fight, and endless streams of questions that one is unable to find the answers to. But in the end, those who stay, reach the sixth stage eventually. A famous Urdu & Persian poet wrote these lines during his journey –

“Ek Aag Ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai” – Mirza Assadullah Khan Galib.

Translation ~

This is an Ocean of Fire, and you must drown in it to cross it.

One more very important thing to be noted here is that in this era of the internet, knowledge is available very easily in the world. But today what matters is the Inner Personal Experience. Without the Inner Personal Experience, a man remains hungry and life seems useless, without any purpose.

A man may become a billionaire but until His Soul is fed, he will still look for something that he is unaware of. Such a man will keep wondering what is missing from His Life. In Truth, it is His Soul that is hungry, that has not been fed for ages. That hunger will keep him running from one thing to another. He will always try to find happiness in different avenues of life but will always miss something continuously or will always want more adventure.

So if you desire anything, my friend, only desire The experience of the presence of the Super-Conscious/ God ‘coz only this experience can really make you understand what was missing in your life.

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Wishing you, Love & Peace, in your life.


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