How to Be Happy: I Finally Found the Answer

Sara Lee reminded me of being happier in life

A Reminder

I was in great shock when I came to know about Sara Lee. This amazing WWE wrestler and a mother of 3 little kids, left earth on October 5. 
She was only 30.

how to be a happier person : learnings from life
In the Picture: Sara Lee with her husband and three children

On October 6, Sara Lee’s mother, Terri Lee announced the demise of her daughter in a Facebook post. She writes, “It is with heavy hearts we wanted to share that our Sara Weston has gone to be with Jesus”.

This news again reminded me of the uncertain nature of this life.

‘You just do not know what’s in there for you tomorrow. Right?’

We all know it. But we worry and we worry too much. We keep running in this rat race without taking a pause. 

We do not remind ourselves of the truth of our existence on Earth, nor do we accept the changing nature of this life.

This is All You Have:
This post is an extension of my previous post on How To Be Happy & Peaceful (7 Ways) [ Read the blog post ]

I started my spiritual journey when I was just 5.

More than 29 years into my spiritual practice were spent working towards expanding my consciousness and I can summarise life in 2 words —  “Present Moment”. 

‘The Present Moment is all that you have’…

We worry too much. We worry about the past, the place we can never go back to, and about the future, which we do not know of. 

Do not take me wrong. It does not mean that we should not plan for our future. 

It simply means that once we have given a thought, worked on it and put our plans in place, then all we have to do is ‘Take Action’. And take action without stressing about the results of our actions. 

How to be happy single and alone image from a bhagavad geeta lesson
Picture Source: The Bhagavad Geeta ‘Karma teachings by Sri Krishna’

This, in truth, is the only way to live happily.

‘Live your life well. Take each day as it comes. Just live in the present moment. Life is indeed, ONLY in the present moment’ — Kashish Gambhir

An Exercise to Live In The Present Moment & to be Happier in Daily Life

Every morning as you get up, put your hands in the middle of your chest (the place where your heart is), take a deep breath and say these lines to yourself, 

‘The future depends on what I do TODAY.’

‘All I have is TODAY.’

‘I only have to GIVE MY BEST to spend THIS DAY well, that’s it. It’s Simple.’

and then follow it with 2 lines of gratitude…

‘O Universe, Thank you for the wisdom that has come from the experiences that you have given to me in this life. Thank you for the strength and courage that you have blessed me with.’

This will actually give you more strength and more courage.

To implement this in daily life, just copy-paste the above lines on your preferred sheet of paper, take a print-out and paste it into your room. Read these lines every day as you wake up. 

Would you like to add a new statement to these lines? What would you add? comment below.

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Love & Namaste.

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