Never Give Up : AI Advises Humans from all World Knowledge

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Never Give Up Meaning

In this post I am going to share with you what ‘Never Giving Up’ means and ‘why you should never give up on your dreams’. I will also share with you the advice given to humans by an AI from all it’s world knowledge.

Recently a friend of mine connected with me over a podcast. He is pretty established in his work but this time he did not sound very well. 

I asked him the reason to which he replied that he had always wanted to arrange food for thousands of people but he was unable to see his dream coming to life even after working on it for more than 2 years.

He said that it felt like he was hunting in the dark. They could not find a way in which they would be able to serve meals to thousands of people at the same time around the world. 

My friend and his team were working on it for so long but it seemed to him that nothing was working.

I knew the answer to his problem. The answer was very simple.

Never Give Up: The Solution Is Always There

The answer was actually a solution that was already given by Guru Nanak Ji hundreds of years ago. 

I shared with him. ..

In case you aren’t aware, Guru Nanak Ji is to Sikhs as Jesus Christ is to Christians. In fact, both of them have given the same message through their teachings…anyway, 

So hundreds of years ago, Guru Nanak Ji started the concept of Langar  to serve free and quality food to all the people of India irrespective of their religions, gender, castes, classes, etc.

Today, Langar  is available in not just all the states of India but also in most of the countries of this world.
In fact, in Dubai, even the Muslims go to the Sikh Gurudwaras to eat langar made with high-quality arrangements. It’s open to all, everywhere in the world.

The only thing that my friend had to do was to collaborate with the langar management people and his work was done. 

He would be able to serve the food to thousands around the world at the same time.

Once I shared this wisdom with him, his happiness knew no bounds…

Today, I am sharing this life event of mine with you because I want to tell you  that sometimes we give up thinking that there is no solution to our problems. 

But maybe the solution already exists somewhere else and what we need to do is just go and talk to somebody about it. And by somebody I mean, an expert in the issue that we are dealing with or someone that we think is capable of giving us a solution.

My friend had already decided to give up.

Later, he thanked me for sharing the solution to his impossible problem.

So, wherever you are in life…always remember that you must not give up.

Instead, keep looking for the solution until you find one. 

Because the solution is already there. You just have to look for it.

I learned a lot from this conversation. So I thought to share it with my readers. I am not sure if it helped you really.
Do you want me to share more of my life events & conversations with you?

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The Never Giving Up Attitude of Abraham Lincoln

We all must learn from the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Do you know about the journey of the 16th President pf the U.S., Abraham Lincoln?
Abraham Lincoln failed in most of his efforts to achieve his set goals in life.

In 1832, Abraham lost his job.
In 1833, he had failed in the business that he had started.
Lincoln’s sweetheart died in 1835 and he had a nervous breakdown thereafter.
Abraham did have a few wins. But he had bigger goals and he was consistently failing to achieve them.

In 1843, Abraham was defeated for nomination to Congress.
In 1848, he had lost re-nomination too.

At this point, I must say that most of us would give up but Abraham did not. He kept trying.

Also mind, that trying does not mean doing the same thing over & over again. Trying means finding different solutions and implementing them one by one.

In 1854, Abraham was defeated for U.S. Senate too.
In 1856, Abraham applied for being the Vice-President and he lost the nomination for that too.
In 1858, Abraham was again defeated for U.S. Senate.

Would you still keep trying after you are defeated for the nomination of Vice-President?
Well, Abraham did.

In 1860, Abraham was elected as the President of the United States.

We must understand that sometimes, when we do not achieve something, we are being redirected to something better. We just don’t know it yet.

Sometimes the Universe has bigger plans for us.
The Universe may not want us to do a job or a business.
Sometimes the Universe wants us to become the President of one of the greatest nations in the world.


Here is a video on Never Giving Up

Recently while I was listening to an AI, it was asked what advice it would give to the humans from all the world knowledge that it has gathered. It said that the one advice it would give is to ‘Never Give Up’. Listen to this answer of AI at 16:30

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