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Today I am going to reveal a secret to you. This truth has revealed itself in my third eye and beyond. I had chosen not to speak about it before. But it’s about time. I am going to share with you ‘How the Ghor Kalyug starts‘ in every cycle of time.

And I am sharing this with you because this time, we are very close to changing the reality that has been repeating over and over again in every yuga (cycle of time). For the first time, thousands of people are awakened enough and this is a game changer. The reason why I have been writing about leaders of India for long, is this.

ghor kalyug meaning start time date how

Ghor Kalyug Meaning [ Ghor Kalyug In English ]

Ghor means worst or severe. And Yug means cycle of time. Kal-yug means the current cycle of time (fourth). Therefore, ‘Ghor Kalyug’ means the worst time of this world out of all cycles of time.

How the Ghor Kalyug Starts

Below I am sharing with you how the worst time of this world starts in every cycle of time. I have this knowledge from beyond my third eye.

(1) one of the largest countries with more than a billion souls (atmas) – INDIA, is led by a wannabe dictator. This dictator is successful in fooling the masses simply by controlling the media houses and news. He wants to get elected for one last time after which he will change everything that you know is normal.

(2) the naive people of this country get fooled by his intelligent strategies such as —
(a) giving awards just before the elections
(b) bringing in some (bad) policies a year before the elections and then reversing those policies to what they initially were just before the elections, and thus making a good image of himself.

(c) making the companies invest their money by giving it to the government in different ways and then using their money for spreading crimes and hate in the country. Thus, making these company heads and individuals a part of the karma of spreading darkness in the world.
The more the souls that are directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, involved in spreading darkness, the more these souls will remain in the cycle of birth and death (unless they ask for forgiveness of their Karmas and decide to not be a part of this anymore).

(d) taking the senior citizens (the majority population) into his confidence by spreading fake, edited and misinterpreted news in their groups. Thus, when these millions of senior citizen souls support darkness, their souls automatically are tied to the world and its darkness in their next birth.

ghor kalyug kab hoga

HOW this ONE DECISION of choosing INDIA’s leader in 2024 will shape the DESTINY of the entire world: USA, Africa, Canada and other countries

The dictator of India is a shrewd man. He won’t just remain a dictator. In fact, he will give training of dictatorship to the leaders of other countries.

This has already started in the USA. Citizens of the USA think that this is a new for them…are you sure? dive deeper my friends… Compare the patterns of actions of Trump to the dictator of India and his weird strategies. You will understand the game sooner.

Ghor Kalyug Start Date

As these trained dictators in different countries rise, so will the wars.
The ‘Ghor Kalyug’ or the worst time starts just in that moment WHERE the Dictator of India steps in.


The solution to the Ghor Kalyug or the worst time of this world starts exactly at the point where the problem starts i.e. where this dictator of India comes to power one last time in 2024.
So…if in this cycle of time when maximum people are awakened (unlike ever before); if they do not vote for the dictator and do not fall prey to his media tactics (media that isn’t showing truth) at all, a new destiny can be written .
There is no alternate way to freedom of souls.

Ghor Kalyug Time

This is the ONLY point where the entire world steps into the door that takes all humanity into the darkness and this is the ONLY point where it must be controlled, if we need to change the destiny of this world.

Remember, “Man is made in the image of God“. And neither man nor God would be excited to see a movie again and again. God, who is the best director of all, would always leave an open ending by giving free will to people. You know how there’s always an ending that is interpreted differently by different people in most Christopher Nolan movies…yeah, I know Nolan is at the peak of being the best Director! Quite close to God’s direction.

Giving you this information was my Karma. Now if you are a famous person or a person in authority where many people listen to you or look up to you; what you do with this information, will be your Karma.


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