Spiritual News: What Lightworkers Across the World MUST KNOW ABOUT NOW

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Before I share this urgent spiritual news with you and come to the write-up on

‘What Lightworkers Across the World Must Know About Now’

we must first understand

‘Who Are Lightworkers’

According to wikihow, A lightworker is a person who serves other people and the planet. People from all walks of life could be lightworkers, from nurses to life coaches. Lightworkers are rumored to transform others and change their way of thinking. If you’re sensitive and eager to help others, you might even be a lightworker.

but this is not it,

A Lightworker is not just someone who serves the people but these are the people who clearly know why they are here on Earth – to bring back Peace.

Scientific Definition of Lightworkers | Spiritual News

If we look at it scientifically, then it can be put this way.

We all are beings of energy. At the core, we are only energy.

Lightworkers are people who are very much connected to who they are. They are the ones who have already realized that they are spiritual beings in a human body and not the other way round, and therefore, they are way more sensitive to energy than other people.

These are the people who can feel other people’s energy very distinctly, be it negative or positive.

The purpose of all lightworkers is to bring Peace to Earth.

While it may sound preposterous to you but let us understand it this way.

When we all are made of energy. there must be a balance of positive & negative energy on Earth in order to maintain its peace. Even science has taught us how ‘Neutral’ works.

Ironically, the lightworkers [1,44,000 on Earth], are unable to do justice or bring that peace even while working toward the cause. [ remember, the population of earth is more than 7 billion]

One of the major reasons is that most lightworkers have gotten engrossed in this complicated world so much that even when they want to give their best to bring peace, they are unable to contribute to their maximum potential.

The Israel-Palestine w*r is a proof in itself.

So what is it that ‘the Lightworkers Across the World MUST KNOW ABOUT NOW’


Lightworkers Are On Verge Of Giving Up: BUT THEY DON”T KNOW THIS

Many Lightworkers across the world are coming to a verge of giving up on their peace work now.

This is mainly because of the continuously growing negative energies that is a consequence of growing crime rate, sin, hate in the world.

What only a handful of Lightworkers know about and you must also know, is that –

This growing negativity is not a coincidence.

It’s happening because of the karma of those who are trying very hard and not giving up on their work of causing chaos in the world.

While the peacemakers, being immensely tired, are trying to give up continuously, it has started to cause imbalance in the world.

What Should We Then Do In Order To Bring Peace?

Well, you must know that everything has a source or the core or the starting point of it all, right?

And so does chaos.

This chaos in the world has not started happening coincidently.

The core of it is one single man who is at an extremely powerful position…who may be the Prime Minister of a fast growing economy.

He is the absolutely greatest actors of all times who deserves an Oscar for presenting himself to the world as a Peacemaker instead.

All I ask you is to sit with your eyes closed while you concentrate on all the Prime Ministers of the fastest growing economies of this world.

In case, your third eye is really open or you’re clairvoyant and you can see pretty clearly, then try to find out the SOURCE (person) of all this chaos happening in the world.

I am 1000% sure that you will get your answer.

Once you’ve got the answer, simply focus all your energies on this one single person…to bring him down via your work, writings, podcasts, videos, reels.

Do whatever you can to make this actor fall off the stage.

The second he falls off, you will witness peace spreading across all nations like never before.

This time, unlike ever before, we all have come together and we all are aware of our work.

Just focus at Him and the ripple-effect will solve just everything- everything!

Together, let’s bring peace to Earth.

-end of the article-

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