Kobe Bean Bryant reminded us of the Uncertain Life


Today, the morning news about Kobe Bean Bryant, an American professional basketball player, a National Basketball Association (NBA) Superstar, sent us a reminder of how uncertain this life was, how we are missing every single day of our lives in worries and fears that do not exist in the present moment and may never really exist in the future as well.

The news said that Kobe Bryant had died on 26th January 2020 in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna. Do you really think that he could have even imagined that happening before he sat in that helicopter? What about the plans he might have made for the destination?

Kobe Bryant
Image Credits: The Economic Times

I wonder how millions of people in this world spend their whole lives in anxieties, tensions, and fears, that exist on the base assumption of “I am going to Live Forever”, and it is this base assumption that keeps us in past and future worries constantly. What if we re-wired our minds into forming a new base assumption, “Today is the only day”, and just as I write this am reminded of a quote by Steve Jobs, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Steve Jobs

Life is so really uncertain. Still many never believe that Death could come to oneself as well.

When we see life on this planet, we can see two broad categories of people in the world.

One, is highly spiritual and a little less materialistic, and the second category is highly materialistic and a little less spiritual or not spiritual at all. (P.S. here spiritual means those focused on the inner journey of the soul and material means those focused more on the life in this physical reality)

First, let us see today’s event from the viewpoint of the first category of people. So many of us spend our lives in nothingness, every single day, without giving a thought “Why did we really come to this Earth in the first place?” Why so much hassle?

Did we really take birth to spend our entire lives educating ourselves to be able to earn decent money, and then just die somewhere in between? Do we keep coming and going on this planet? What is the point of all of this life? We live most part of our lives without thinking over the deeper questions of life.

The second category of people is more grounded in physical reality. They will be affected by Kole Bryant’s death (we are excluding his family and relatives here) but they will soon move on.

They know people die daily; rich and poor, famous and infamous, but life goes on. The focus remains on social media, work, money, power, fame, and influence and there is absolutely nothing wrong or right about it. Each individual in both the categories is playing his own part in this stage of this world.

But no matter, whichever category one belongs to, one thing is common among all the people on earth today, and that is fear, anxiety, worries, and tensions. In today’s highly competitive social media world, almost 90% of people suffer from it.

The key to coming out of all of this is to stay only in the Present Moment and realize that all that we have is only NOW. Oh! wait a minute, you have already heard this kind before? well, wait..let me hold your hand my friend, and give you a very simple exercise for living in the present moment and letting go of all the anxieties and worries of this world.

Every morning as you get up just say this to yourself, “I have only one day to live now…Today.” Just make this base assumption in your mind that you are left with only Today. Make it every morning.

I know it sounds very simple. YES, therefore it works. Most of the complex things in life have a very simple solution. It is us Humans that complicate just everything.

When you make this assumption in your head and say these words to yourself every morning, automatically you will stop comparing yourself to other people’s lives. Much of the anxiety comes from comparison. But how will the comparison exist if I am left with only TODAY to live?

All I have is only TODAY.

This simple exercise has helped me and many friends of mine. Just because I did not charge them money to you and gave this technique for free, Do Not Devalue it.

This exercise is amazing and worth a million dollars Because it works. It really does. Now try it yourself with all the faith in your heart and say “I have only TODAY to live, how many hours left on the clock?” Now carry on with your last day. Wish you a great day ahead my friend.

~ namaste

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