Do We Need A Spiritual Guru? Seekers Should Know

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One of the frequent liners I hear in the Spiritual Community is that ‘we don’t need a Spiritual Guru or a Spiritual Master. We are self-sufficient – everything is inside of us.’

SURE. Everything is inside of us.

That’s why it is called ‘Self-Realization’ as we only have to Realize who we already are.

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being — I am that.” – Amritbindu Upanishad


Before we dive deep into today’s topic ‘Do We Need A Spiritual Master At All’ let us first try contemplating on ‘From Where are the Spiritual Coaches learning Spirituality from?’

Have the spiritual podcast hosts/ coaches acquired all their spiritual knowledge from inside of them?
Are they learning from the Mystics of the past?
Are they acquiring their knowledge from the ancient scriptures & holy books and practices?
Do some of these coaches simply learn from other spiritual guides and re-create the information as they have understood it?

Well, if we dive deep into the work of many of the spiritual creators, we see that most spiritual hosts & coaches are themselves learning from different sources.
We all learn from ‘SOME’ source.


Here we are taking the example of YouTube.
If a spiritual coach is himself consuming information from you tube, then there is definitely somebody who is creating the you tube videos back there, right?
Whether we accept it or not, they are teaching us and we are learning from them.
Even if the teacher is himself not in the video but teaching us with the help of an animated video, we are still learning from a TEACHER, right?

So… if all of us have to learn from Somebody, then why not learn it in the best way that we can?

Why not “implement” the wisdom which was passed on to us by our ancestors or by the highly conscious saints & sages that have walked on Earth before us?

All eastern mystics and holy scriptures; Vedas & Upanishads have taught us that the Most Important Step in one’s spiritual journey is finding the ‘Right direction’ by searching for the ‘Perfect Spiritual Master’.

Spiritual Guru
Katha Upanishad teaches the Spiritual Seekers to Find the Perfect Spiritual Master or the Mystic for their Spiritual Path, the journey of which is as sharp as the razor’s edge

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Bhagavad Geeta Chapter4, Verse 34 states the importance of having a Spiritual Master and explains that the “Absolute Truth cannot be understood without the guidance of such One”.


To throw some light on this. ..
We all know how Jesus Christ used to teach in parables.

When Matthew 6:22 stated that,  “The eye is the lamp of the body. If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light. “

Here, in the Bible, it is the ‘Third Eye’ that is being taught to us, not just any eye.

‘Thy eye be Single’ does not mean that we remove one eye nor it means anything else. This is a teaching that was given in parable. But to really understand this, our soul needs the guidance of a Perfect Spiritual Master who has himself tread the inner Spiritual Path.

It is because of the misinterpretation of this parable (and many others in the Bible) that today, the interpretations have changed and so have the understanding of the people.

That is why in different versions of the Bible, the entire line was changed as per the understanding of the scholar (who took the parable literally). The new International Version of the Bible states, ‘ 22The eye is the lamp of the body.If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.’ (Reference)
If you read this line above, the entire message has been changed. the teachings that were taught to us through the Old Testament should have not been touched really or at least not be translated by anybody who is not a Perfect Spiritual Master.

While many people awaken on their Spiritual Journey, we must understand that a Spiritual Teacher can take us only as far as he himself has reached in his consciousness.

For example, I can give you 2,00,000 rupees only if I myself have 2,00,000. But if I only have 200 with me, how can I help you with any more than that, right?

On our spiritual path, we also do not want to be someone who spends 35 years learning from a spiritual teacher only to find out after 35 years that the teacher was an imposter.

How do you recognize a Spiritual Master?
I just hope that you are not recognizing him by his orange robes? 

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ONE MORE TRUTH  | Spiritual Guru

There’s One More Truth about the Spiritual Path that you do not know of.

And that is,
The ever expanding level of consciousness.

Let me share with you why the Spiritual Journey is never ending.
The consciousness starts expanding in a human being as the awakening dawns upon him; things get easier – but things also get confusing. Let me explain you how 


The expansion in the consciousness enables a human being to see and understand things that are not visible to the two eyes. This makes life a bit easier.

For instance, somebody is trying to dupe you into buying a fake product ; in this case your soul will inform you in advance the intentions of such a person. Then it is entirely upon you to make a conscious choice to let that happen to you or not.


Now depending upon your desires, intentions & spiritual goals,  this one will be different for everyone.

Here’s what I mean –

The consciousness expansion doesn’t really stop after a certain point. It only gets slow for those who do not have intense desire for more expansion in their consciousness.

But if you are someone like me, who is always craving for more spiritual secrets of this universe, then not only your consciousness will keep expanding once you are awakened but you will be constantly exposed to different dimensions of life which by the way, our human mind is NOT PROGRAMMED to know about before a certain point.

You know how when you play a video game and that level 7 reveals itself to you only after you have crossed level 6 successfully?
The consciousness expansion is very much the same.

We human beings – believe it or Not – but our entire creation is framed in a way that ONLY when we reach a certain point in consciousness, ONLY & ONLY THEN we will be exposed to the next point in consciousness. 
And as the Upanishad stated, ‘The Spiritual path is like a razor’s edge’. It only gets narrower.

Some of us may think that achieving ecstasy with ayahuasca or some drugs is Wow! –
NO NO NO it’s nothing ! THERE’S REALLY SO MUCH MORE – but that cannot be explored with drugs at all – because we need complete awareness to explore more  dimensions of life – we must to be 101% awake to experience something larger than mundane life.

The amazing thing about the spiritual path is that, it is just like life.

You cannot forward it and see the whole picture. You cannot go back once you are awakened. And that’s the beauty of it. 

If you are somebody who likes surprises, then you ought to explore the spiritual path in totality.
I bet your Life is going to become a LOT of FUN as you keep witnessing Divine interventions very frequently and keep getting more and more clarity about this universe & your existence on Earth. But this is something that must be experienced – only the knowledge or the Theory will never satisfy your soul.

Just like reading a book on cooking can never really fill your stomach. It is only when you make the food and eat it yourself that you are fulfilled, right?

Similar is the Spiritual Path. We need to experience it for ourselves. But to do that successfully, we must learn from & implement the teachings of the highly conscious beings that have put forward the way to leading ourselves to the secrets of the Universe through their teachings.

The Vedas & the Upanishads, the Saints of India have taught us time & again, that the FIRST step on one’s spiritual journey is finding the Perfect Spiritual Master.

The direction that we get from the Spiritual Master then defines how quickly and to what extent we can lead ourselves to the expansion in our consciousness.

If the direction is wrong, the 30 years of Spiritual practice may lead us only from point A to point B; when we had the ability of reaching Z by learning from a Perfect Spiritual Master.

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