Spiritual EBook: Spiritual Vocab for Beginners

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This Dark
Road to Mercy

The book contains the most important words one must know as one commences one’s Spiritual Awakening Journey

spiritual vocab for beginners

Dr. OP Monga -Professor of Sociology,MA Psychology,University of the People, California, USA

“This book will help beginners to enjoy and understand terms & start their journey towards Spiritual Life”

"This book is a dictionary for all spiritual words. It's pretty good and I guess useful for people who are getting into Spirituality & would like to understand the meaning of these words & the context in which they should be used."
Health Specialst, Canada

How will this book help you

Understand the essence of Spirituality as was used in the Sanskrit language in the first place.
Helps one expand one’s perspective of Life & Spirituality.
The meanings along with relevant examples help one understand the subtle meaning behind these words.
Builds a strong foundation for greater Spiritual Progress in Life.
spiritual book review

Dr. Priya Gupta

“Hey Kashish, I must congratulate you for this great effort to simplify the complex. It was very insightful to know the meanings of the words used in spiritual texts.”

spiritual vocab for beginners

The meanings along with relevant examples helps one understand the subtle meaning behind the spiritual words.

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