Old Age Homes: Why leave parents ?

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Hello reader, today I am going to share with you a few things about Old Age Homes in India and leaving one’s parents in old age homes. I will first share an analysis of the old age homes and then I will share with you a list of old age homes along with their cost if you still want to consider leaving them.

Lately, I have been giving Meditation sessions to hundreds of senior citizens across Delhi NCR. Now what I am going to tell you is my personal experience and you can visit a few different Old Age Homes yourself to have this experience.

In many of these Old Age Homes, senior citizens have been left by their sons and daughters. While a few old had a very genuine reason that their children were abroad and there was nobody to take care of them but the others had different reasons.


I have spent time with senior citizens, talked to them, and tried to understand their deepest thoughts and feelings.

After spending time with at least 200 senior citizens, this is what I analyzed –

They were not happy with the conditions of the Old-Age Home. The Homes were extremely untidy and dirty.

There was politics in a majority of these Homes. At their age, they definitely did not want politics. But the lack of resources at the Old Age Homes and the presence of so many people coming from different backgrounds and living together resulted in politics.

I can tell you one thing: They were NOT happy. They might have told otherwise to their children but I was not their blood so they shared openly with me. They were NOT happy.


As I went from one Old Age Home to another, I wondered what if our parents would have left us at some Kids’ Home when we were young or what if we were orphans? Would we be the same person that we are today? Would life be as easy as it is today?

How can our conscience allow us to leave our parents alone to live our so-called ‘personal lives’? Our parents could have done the same to us. They could have lived their love life or their personal life by leaving us behind. But they took care of us, loved us.

Of course, they might have made some mistakes which we may not be happy about. But nobody is perfect in this world. Are we perfect? Do we have all the positive traits in us and nothing to improve upon?

Our parents stayed with us when we were very young – when we did not know anything about this world. Then how can we leave them alone when they need us the most?

If you ask your parents what they really want, I can assure you they will answer only one thing – LOVE. All they want is LOVE. Nothing else. Can’t we give them Love when they need it the most? Especially single parents; those who do not have their partners with them anymore. They just need your Love.

Your parents don’t want your money. They don’t want your house. They just want a loving relationship with you. Can’t you give them just this much?


There was one Lady I met in one of these Old Age Homes. She said to me that when she was young, she and her partner left her mother in the Old Age Home. Her mother cried but did not say anything. She further shared that inside of her she knew that she was not doing right with her mother but she had her ‘personal life’ to live.

Today, her own children did exactly the same to her. She said that she did not remain quiet as her mother did and told her children not to leave her. She pleaded with them but they left her.


We usually do not perceive ourselves in the same situation that we put others into. But a wise human being should always remember that what goes around always comes around, even if it’s after 20 years. As we treat our parents or parents-in-law today, that is what is going to come back to us in the future.

If, for whatever reason, we do not want to take care of our parents for the sake of love, at least develop a greater perspective of how karma works.

Give love if you want to be loved. Give kindness if you want kindness in your own life. Give happiness and security if you want it in your life too.

Have LOVE in your heart. If you do not have LOVE, have fear of the laws of this world.


For inquiries about the Old Age Homes, kindly connect with Vridhcare Ngo at this page link. You can inquire about different Old Age homes from them. You will also be able to understand the conditions of these old age homes. And know about the luxurious old age homes along with their costs.

I may also add a researched list of the Old Age Homes in Delhi NCR and add it here in the future.

If you have any other questions w.r.t senior citizens or Old Age Homes, you may simply comment below and my team will connect with you.
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2 thoughts on “Old Age Homes: Why leave parents ?”

  1. RkayKrishnan

    How much would it cost to attend your meditation/ consultation session?
    Thanks. Rkay.

  2. RKrishnan

    How much would it cost to attend your meditation/ consultation session?
    Thanks. Rkay.

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