Learn to Build Courage And Surrender To Life

The one who has the power to give, won’t he have the power to know? We are waiting for God to make things happen, but maybe God is waiting for us to perform our actions. Our Karma. Welcome to the podcast. Karma is supreme.

So… I had been trying to create a travel plan since eternity now, not that I can’t make the plan or I can’t travel, but when your plans get genuinely canceled a thousand times, there has to be something, right. So I was wondering over the reasons that I canceled my travel plans for. And a few of them being shifting, my house, taking care of a friend falling sick a day before the trip, or the last moment changes in the plans of the travel Partners, whose so wanted to reschedule. And not, let me go alone on the trip. These were actually, very genuine reasons, right? Well, this was just one instance where I learned my lessons of surrender and a comparatively simpler one to bear with and to begin this podcast to it. Of course, I have had the worst but somebody might be in a situation that is most difficult to bear with and to surrender to, you know, what, mother taking care of her child is unable to fulfill her own dreams and has to leave her career midway. A man unable to expand his business because he had to put all his money in the medical procedures of his father, or a child unable to go to the school and fulfill his dreams, because his parents disowned him and there’s nobody to take care of him now. And they could be endless situations that we may find ourselves in. The situations that require us to surrender.

I know how easy it is to say and how difficult it is to really experience all such situations. I’ve been there and don’t take me wrong in. No way. I mean, that we surrender to the situations without trying to find the solutions to the problems.

Surrender doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, but it just means that we accept the situations that we are in, but we do not resent and that we do, all that we can do to find the solutions and to work hard, but leaving the consequences of it in the hands of the universe or the Lord. So not worrying about the consequences, you know, because it is the consequences that give us that stress. So that anxiety. We just need to focus on what we can to not focus on that which we cannot control. The consequences are the result of many factors. But the work, our action is in our hands. That is what we can do about the situation. right? Well, whichever situation life puts us in whether we call it Kismat or know that it is, the result of our own actions from the past. But at every point in life, we are given that choice.

Even at the point at which we have to bear the consequences of our actions. We are again given a choice, a choice to respond to that situation, to respond, to that consequence, and the attitude with which we respond to the situation is what changes the game. That determines the Lifepath that we create for ourselves. Whether we cry or we decide not to give up and be courageous to move on with life. It’s our choice. It’s our Karma. Yes. It requires a lot of courage to move forward in life, especially when you have faced, a lot of problems constantly for longer periods of time (in smaller font below write- Podcast Karma is supreme ), you see? lord does not give us the virtues of courage or Surrender on the platter. Instead, we are put into situations that actually give us an opportunity. If you are able to see that, an opportunity to learn how to surrender in an opportunity to develop that courage in us. So, surrender and simple words, is not resenting, that which comes our way instead of accepting that which life has to offer and a solution to this.

Could be to see this life as a game. One thing we already discussed is the attitude with which we deal with the choices in our life. And the second thing is to see this life as a game. We can at least start by practicing this game. The Game of Life and maybe just start living in it and playing in it like any character in a game. Now, if you know somebody who is going through, difficult times difficult, circumstances, and is having a hard time learning how to surrender or build up the courage to go through this life. I would highly highly highly recommend this series titled, Queen of the South. It’s on Netflix and this is not a promotion, Queen of the South. The protagonist in this series, Teresa Mendoza.
She’s an epitome of courage and someone who has mastered the art of surrendering to life and making the best out of it. Go and Watch it. And thank me later. So this series is actually days around the business of drug cartels, but you don’t need to pick up the drug cartels. I mean, it is always our choice what we want to learn (Karma Is Supreme Podcast) (don’t write ‘with’ here- so we have to use common sense also whenever you make pins – whether to omit a word or not, right). So we can learn just the virtues of this character who is so courageous, who knows how to surrender to life and to make the best out of every situation that she’s put in, who knows how to be in the present moment. So it’s on us what we want to learn. Earn from any person or from any situation in a moment. Well, that’s it. For today’s podcast and I’ll see you soon. Stay connected, stay positive and wish you lots of love and blessings for the upcoming week. Namaste.

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