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 Hello and welcome, my name I’m David, I have a good friend of mine Kashish and we are talking about spirituality and life challenges and also showing some music tonight. Yay. So David, how’s your life going on? So it’s been very interesting. Actually lately. I life is never it’s always for the challenges of course, but I had a recent challenge where I think I was being psychically HAVE YOU BEEN attacked by some sort of a sort of an entity LATELY or something. And I could feel this thing, you know, certain times during the day mostly at night and they’re kind of drained my energy, you know, and really took a lot out of me. And it’s gone now, which is good. But yeah, for a few weeks for about a four to six weeks. It was really annoying and it really affected my sleep as well, which wasn’t good. Mmm. What really happened? I actually started watching this YouTube channel, and it was really interesting. It was really, it was a story. It was a storytelling Channel about ghost stories and Supernatural and Murder Mysteries and things like that. I started to I got quite addicted to it. To be honest. I was just watching 3 or 4 videos a day from this Channel and Some of the ways that the guy had on, they were really scary in some of the descriptions. If you had really Vivid story, caused me to do these things in my mind. And then I start to get very fearful and I, he’s decided to, I didn’t really want to go outside at night time. I didn’t want to open the door for the cats or anything. I just wanted to say, I was quite scared. So two nights in a row. I had to wake up at like 11:30 and tend to lay down and turn the light on. And I just kind of You ready to writing or did a little reading or work some, some funny YouTube videos to kind of get my mind off of things. So if you go back to sleep again and on the second night, I thought this is really silly. I really need to take control of this situation. So I went on there and I blocked the channel from appearing. I’m like my feed and and it kept popping up. And yeah, so after I decided to make that decision, you know, I have to admit it season. Things did start to get better and I still miss you. So Watching the channel. I haven’t watched it since but other things that are popping up in my YouTube feed kind of similar to that channel. And these things are things that I don’t I don’t ever searched. So it’s very strange that they would pop up. How are you? So sure that it was, it was some entity. I mean, like you also said that, you know, you were watching the YouTube channel and from there, it all started. So how, you know, can it be just the mind? And developing all those fears. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. But when I was lying in bed, like I’m going to try and go to sleep and then I can do this thing, you know, on my body. It was, it wasn’t always there, but we just appear in it sometimes and I thought, oh my left side or my back or I can feel it moving my thought I could feel it. Moving. My my my bed sheets, you know, any crawling? I have my legs and stuff. So it’s crazy. Okay. When you stop watching it, let it go. Did you feel like it went away? No, that actually didn’t go away until only last weekend. So I need better way to go. So yeah, it was it was there for a while. But, you know, if one is attacked by an entity, I mean, it’s absolutely true. I mean it can happen, Okay, but if one is attacked by an entity, then it usually doesn’t. It is usually not just one episode. Right. it usually comes back. Sometimes it comes back after a few months and then it comes back after few years. It’s it’s more, it’s more like, you know. How strong you are how strong you are in dealing with it. It really depends upon that. The less fearful We are, the more courageous WE BECOME. We are the less of these entities will effect us. We have to become very courageous for them to deal with them. Yeah, I agree. I agree. That’s why. Yeah, that’s why I decided to stop watching that channel and stuff and really kind of take control of the situation. I had some Friends that were attacked as well. And you know, anybody who is anybody, who is listening to this and was never experienced this, they might think that is just, you know, something that comes from the mind, the entity attacks. And and I know about that, too, you know, mind is very powerful mind. Can actually, you know, create hallucinations and all these things that we might think that. But they’re not there. It’s very powerful. It can do that. But at the same time, you know, just like somebody who has never experienced an out-of-body experience. He never believes in it. You have to, you don’t have to, you have to experience it to really believe in it. So similarly unless until somebody has not experienced that presence of an entity whether it’s good entity or not a good entity. They would probably not believe in it, and they would probably say that, you know, it’s just a creation of mine and what we are talking is all PS. So I can understand that difference because I teach about mind and soul to my students. So, I know the difference where that thin line is, where the mind is creating all of this and where it is actually happening. Okay, so, and it’s a very thin line. So when I was young, you know, I was, I guess maybe 13 years old or something. There was this entity that experience in my room and I was I was sitting on meditation at that time, and I was just getting up and while I was just getting up. There was this chair that just moved. It was nobody in my room and the chair moved. I was like, oh my God, that was the first time that I experienced this entity. And I after that, I was, I got scared. And I sat on meditation for too long because I did not want to open my eyes and I continued doing my meditation for like, I guess one and a half hour or something and then that entity Did visit me many times over the years, not just once and I had A lot of experiences with that while when I also got, you know, I was also looking for a spiritual teacher during those years and I got introduced to my spiritual teacher, who is now my spiritual teacher, you know, and at that time, I did not believe in him. So he actually protected me at them because to deal with something that isDEALING WITH PSYCHIC ATTACKSAt a different level of Consciousness. You need the power of somebody that is also a different level of Consciousness. I mean, right now we are looking with our two physicalize. Okay, but if we want to deal with somebody with an entity that we can look only with the third eye or anybody who’s third eye is open only that person can actually see that entity, you know, so you need the Power, or the consciousness of Person who is operating at that level to deal with that entity. You know, so it was my, the presence of my spiritual teacher who had that level of Consciousness, who was able to help me out of it. And, and, while this entity visited me over period of years, he kept on, teaching me a lot of things. My spiritual teacher kept on, teaching me a lot of things of, you know, how to deal with it. And one thing I already told you in the beginning, that was courage. It needs a lot of courage, a lot of courage, really. Because there’s one thing in seeing something in a movie and there’s another thing and really experiencing it. It’s an altogether, different thing. You know it, right. Yeah, yeah, for sure. I think that the entity in my experience was state of fear in. Yes. Yes. Sorry. Yeah, it’s, it’s very interesting. I kind of just one night. I was just lying there. I got to the point where I didn’t want to go to sleep. You know, I was, I wasn’t reading you need. I look forward to go to sleep every night, but for a few weeks, off cautery, want to go, you know, to go to sleep. As I knew this thing was going to be there, whatever you’re trying to go to sleep. So one night it was there and I just kind of told it. I don’t you know, I don’t consent. I don’t want you around. And then after you kind of just went away, so hopefully it doesn’t come back. But yeah, I think it’s not. It’s also important to know how to protect yourself. Yeah. Yeah, but there’s this one thing. It might have gone. Like, I told you because I had multiple experiences with it. It usually doesn’t. It’s usually not just one episode. It comes back. It comes back after a few months, maybe years, but But this is one thing, you know, that our soul is more powerful than the mind. We get more. We give power to the mind, you know, and the more we see things like like, we see the ghost related things and anything, you know, with everything that we are feeding to the mind. We are giving it power, whatever. We feed that is what will come out. Right? But we need to understand that our soul is more powerful. That is the only realization. The more we realize how powerful our soul is the more we are able to help ourselves out. You know, there is a thing in India. We were taught very, very young. It’s called mann jeetey jaag jeet, It means that if you let your mind control, you, you become its slaves, but if you control the mind, it can Can in fact, become your best friend, you know, it’s how you deal with it. It’s it’s you understanding and realizing the power of your soul. That’s not one game. Yeah, that makes sense. I think so. Yeah, how would somebody? How would somebody do that? And it’s probably probably it a lengthy process is it, you know, to the other. It’s not something that can just happen straight away. It doesn’t happen right away. They were like, for me also, like I told you, I had multiple experiences. It did not come that courage did not come in me in one instance because you are dealing with an entity that is not at the physical level. That is at another level of Consciousness. Right? So, yo, there are two ways. Okay. The first way is that you take the help of spiritual guide who already has a higher level of Consciousness, and who can deal with that entity for you? Okay, and the second thing is that while you do that? You start walking? One expanding your own Consciousness and it takes time. It doesn’t happen in a few days. Like, I have my spiritual journey of almost 30 31 years now, and now after so many years, I can say that. Now, I have reached a point where I can deal with any entity come what may but back then, when I was 18 years old. I was on my journey during my journey. When I had not gained that level of Consciousness. I needed the help of a spiritual teacher and I was Fortunate enough to have found one who could help me out, you know, there many fake teachers out there in the market and but at the same time, I always had this understanding in me. But if the fake exists, then the real has to exist because the fake is actually copying the real one. So, the real should be there. So I was always looking for the real spiritual teacher and I had gone through the lectures and the, you know, the satsanghs of so many spiritual teachers. Of our time at that time, you know, when I was 13, so I explored many Specialties at that time. And after a few years, I built faith in the spiritual teacher who was already helping me out who my home. I’m initiated right now. So even the faith does not come quickly. So you have the you know, you have that first experience of God you have that first spiritual experience. That’s the first step towards Faith, but it won’t come very quickly slowly when you have multiple experiences. than. You start building that faith in somebody who has that higher level of Consciousness because initially We cannot actually, you know, our mind is such, we won’t accept somebody as a spiritual teacher. Why would I take help of a spiritual teacher? I mean, I am powerful enough, but at the same time, if we see only on the worldly level, then we always need mentors to learn everything, you know, if you say that a lot, if you say that, I learned it online, then even online. You learned it from somebody, whether it was in an audio form or video form. Whatever form you learned it, from somebody, you had a mentor. So how can we think that a journey that involves Consciousness and world that cannot be seen with these two eyes, which we cannot see with these two eyes. You know, how can we go on that Journey without somebody who has already traveled? That Journey? That’s really naive of us. So we do need a spiritual teacher who has that highest level of Consciousness who can help us out while we are working on, expanding your Consciousness. We’re not doing anything in the future. The number of times. I’ve I’ve had a somebody help me out one on. Something that I’m working on it, just the level the rate of growth just accelerated rapidly. Just make such a big difference. So what else? Wow, what a me talk about, what’s going on with you? What’s up? What’s going on with me? I’m progressing in every area of my life. Thanks to my, all thanks to my spiritual teacher. Honestly, he has been guiding me. 24×7, you know, I’ve never physically one-on-one met my spiritual teacher, never, but he has always been with me 24/7 in his astral form, whenever I need is help. He’s always there and here’s our me. Even before the time I had recognized him to be my special teacher, he was there. It was me who took a lot of time in building faith. And I would his guidance. I’m really progressing. I have started with giving meditation sessions again. And also I’m starting with satsanghs that are assumed here in Delhi, and I’m also I will be expanding soon all over the nation. I’ll be covering all the states in India where i’ll be Helping people understand the presence of God to experience, actually, because I personally never Believed in God, just by way of words. I always. Believed in something only if I had that experience, you know, so I realize that Any faith that is or any belief that is built on pots words for the knowledge from the books. It’s not really afraid, it will break something because you’ve never experienced anything, you know, so I decided that when I go out for meditation sessions, when I go out for satsanghs. I’m going to help people experience that power. Before the pandemic, when I was Giving meditation sessions. I had a few instances where people who attended the meditation sessions. They said that the experience something more. They experienced that power. So, I want to explain, I want to you know, expand that experience for people especially children. And I’m working with children, mostly. So. Yeah, because, you know, as we grow up our mind, it takes up so much from the world. It puts a lot of limitations on itself. It puts a lot of covering on itself and it’s very hard to uncover that. It’s very hard to remove those limitations. But when we work with children, then there the mind is still, you know, if it’s still there. So pure, so when you connect them to that Universal Power, when you connect them to God, then I know one thing that once I connect them to that power, they will start having a lot of spiritual experiences. I know that and once they are having those experiences. Then their lives will truly change. Those experiences will change their life. No, boot camp. No book can So, that is what I’m doing right now, and I have also apart from this apart, from the spiritual thing. All the whole life is like spiritual journey, but that’s a perspective. But apart from that. I also have one new goal for 2020 to yeah, so my goal is to start finding the life partner for myself. That’s good though. Yeah. Yeah. So before this I have met a lot of people but I was not intentionally out there, you know, finding a life partner, but now I’m intentionally out there and I’m consciously making parsley doing such effort making efforts to find. A good life. Not for myself. What kind of when you say conscious efforts? What do you mean? Exactly? Do you mean you’re going to certain places where you’d like to meet somebody or subconscious? That was just just only means that you’re not leaving things to. Okay. This is written in my destiny. You know, you’ll never do that conscious efforts mean. You you do your karma. You have to make efforts, you know, even if in somebody’s life. They say, you know, somebody predicted that you are meant to be a doctor. Okay, you’ll see an astrologer predicted that for some, okay, but if that doctor if that person was meant to be a doctor, if that doctor doesn’t perform his karma, he doesn’t work hard towards getting that decree towards practicing. He won’t become a doctor, no matter, whatever is written. He want, he has to perform his karma. So. If I am making conscious efforts, that just means that I am. Triggering all those things. I’m telling people. I’m telling my friends about this, you know, I’m going out there and I’m very consciously, if I’m meeting someone, I’m conscious that, you know, if this person is also looking for a life partner, can we become first of all, good friends. It does this person, you know, meet my level of expectations that I want in my life partner. So I’m consciously making efforts to meet my life partner, but if I don’t go out there, then even if somebody wants to be my life partner. Or if somebody is supposed to come across me, that will never happen because I’m not stepping out of my house. Right. Yeah, right. So I have to step out of my house. I have to meet people and then just leave it to the Creator. Yeah, and yeah, you mean be open. You need to be open to the idea and of it, right? Yeah. So, what’s your goal in 2022? Usually, what happens at the start of each year. I write down some goals and And they could be, you know, maybe an income goal, or maybe I want to meet somebody or, you know, something like that this year. I kind of, I thought, well, rather than write down in income goal or let me just write down. So I originally, I wanted to produce a certain number of songs every month, something, you know, so I wanted to do, I don’t know, two to three songs, a month Originals, which is quite which is quite ambitious. Nice interesting. And then I thought but I don’t want to make a certain amount of money as well. Then rather than write down the goal as a figure out. What skill do I need to learn in order to edit get me there? So I kind of just focused on really just getting better at the We have learning something new in the, in the school that I already have, which as you know, is copywriting. So yeah, my I guess and it kind of comes down to also working with the universe as well at the same time and allowing a lot of it. A lot of crazy things have happened. In terms of, you know, who I’m working with now. And the person I’m working with or the three, the company that I’m working with. They brought somebody on. I don’t know when it was maybe a year ago, and that’s how my courage in in copywriting which is allowed me to really progress really quite fast. And and so There’s an element of patience as well, you know? Isn’t there? Like you didn’t try any kind of you could speed things up for sure, like to get there? But I, but I So they also say that, you know, putting it out that doesn’t really mean, you know, like we, you know, many people do affirmations but nothing really happens with only their formations because if it were going to happen only with the affirmations, then the whole world would do affirmations, but it’s not working for many people, right? So, where there are actually, many people are missing out, is that along with those affirmations along with being positive, you have to take action. Ian, you have to perform Karma. If you don’t perform Karma, then you can do affirmations 24 hours a day and nothing will change. Yeah, the action has to happen and pray or whatever. Yes, you know. I have this. Line in the beginning of my podcast. We are waiting for God to make things happen. We are praying, but maybe God is waiting for us to perform our action or Karma. We can’t be just praying, he is this thing, but if what if he presents you with that opportunity, but you’re not ready to make us hurts. That story. There was a guy who was drowning and and he said to God, please send somebody to save me. Yes, right. It’s a wonderful story. Why don’t you tell it again? Yeah, if I remember correctly. So, yeah, the man is drowning and any, he asked, God to send them some won and lost and at some point somebody comes in as a, I can see both eardrum. Take this take his life raft or something. And you guys nuts. Okay, God and God’s gonna come and take it and then they did the, I didn’t ask for somebody. He didn’t ask God to send, someone is ask God to say so they got to in cycling and then at the same thing is okay, by the way, somebody else saw him and said, hey, you know, come along Tommy Boatwright your trouble years that I God’s gonna come save me and then the same thing happened again, and then he indeed, And when you got up to heaven, he said God, what happened? I asked you to say, yes to becoming save me. I didn’t let me down. So I sent three people and you know, what the roll? Yeah. Yeah, but that is what it is. All about. God, send you the God sends you, the help be able to recognize when you’re when you’re Whenever you want to manifest, is there is presented or you, but it may not be in the way that you intended. But it’s, yes, we fail to recognize a tree. Like, yeah, and then everything, you know, everything is a medical situation, isn’t it? So, no matter what, you attract into your life. You’ve benefited that somehow, right? It could be a good thing. It could be a bad thing, but somehow, I won’t call it you I won’t call it manifestation. Maybe it’s maybe somebody’s using that word. But I know one thing out of my Spiritual journey that everything that is happening in our life is the result of our Farmers, sometimes our Karma space quickly. Sometimes the pair slate and sometimes it takes like Say I performed an action today, but and it’s, I have to, I fear the consequences of it right now, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to get those consequences, you know, whether it is good or bad. You might get the consequences after, say, five years for maybe 15 years, you know, but you do get it. So, at that time, we not be able to recognize why is this happening? And we may call it, you, you know. Somebody might say you manifested it. Yes, you did manifest. It actually because you created a cause back to 15 years ago. You created a cause. Okay, and now you have to bear the consequences so in a way you manage your manifested so but it is we ourselves who are responsible for our own lives in everywhere. We are creating our life at every moment. We don’t know this thing that whether whatever It is happening to me right now, whether okay find it if even if it is the result of my past Karma. Now what I do. Again a new Karma. How do I deal with it? That’s a new action, isn’t it? Yeah, what is our attitude in dealing with it? So do people faced with same suggest, you know, they are in the same situation. One would cry. One would cry a lot? Why this happened to me or you know, go to many people and ask them. Why is this happening to me? Then you would have different people giving him reasons. You are unnatural. No, would predict something, and another person would just change his attitude and he Just say okay fine. Whatever it was now, does there. Now? What do I do now? How do I deal with it efficiently, you know that is, what is important. Now, what you are doing, you are creating a new Karma right now and whatever step you take right now that is what is going to come in the future, the consequences of it, you know, yeah. Yeah. We are always creating our future. With the actions that we take today and then How small they made your big day, maybe, you know, I think that, you know, everything that you’ve done. That happened in your life, is that you do this point very, very well together. Now, I went to 99 years ago. I might hit by a car when I was drunk driving riding riding my bike, cycling to the gym. They were hit by a car. You might never going great fast, but it was a big cart. At you. I don’t throw it off, but I think that looking back on it. I think that was a bit of a white guy, was a bit of a bit of a wake-up calls in many ways, because it was like, only a few months before, then. I was a party in this girl who is a lawyer. She didn’t really like her job. And she was saying, oh, yeah. I just got to just quit my job and I really liked it. I just quit my job. I mean I could be hit by a car, too. All right, or boss and Anime never in. I may not make it and and what would have my life as because the vehicles my life being become, you know. You know, David when we say that we got hit by a car, of course, it’s just an accident. I didn’t do anything that there are many perspectives to it. See the person who was driving. He was driving recklessly. So it was it when I say, when I talk about Karma, it’s not only. I in alone in the world who is performing any grammar. Everybody is performing the Karma’s, I am doing it, you’re doing everybody’s performing the karma. Karma is what karma is action. As simple as that, the smallest action is your karma which we have to pay for it, you know, everybody has to pay for it. So when that person hit you, that was that Karma. Yeah, okay. At the same time. You don’t know this thing that whether that was a new Karma created by a certain person or it was your past karma coming back at you. You don’t know that maybe you had done something to that person in your past life. You don’t know that it could be a new Karma’s. Well, that person could have just hit you while talking on the phone. It’s a newcomer. Okay, maybe he/she. Just driving without any Focus. So that’s why I said initially that we are paying for our past Karma’s and we are also creating newcomers. But the whole thing is that we do not know that right now, whatever situation I’m in whether it is the consequence of that karmani weathers is just like the new thing that I’ve created. We don’t know that. So the only Vice that In that is that at every moment in life. We always consider it. We always understand this. That we are the creators of our life. That’s the simplest thing at every moment. We are creating our life, whether we we should not care about. Okay, fine. When will the consequence come to me? It’s coming to me right now or maybe a day after maybe a year, but it should be thought through everything. I’m very carefully, we have to walk each step very carefully. We have to think through our every step, you know, we have to be like, okay, I’m doing this or what will be the consequences if if I’m talking on the phone and I hit you, right. Child walking on the road. So I’ll have to bear the consequence of it. Even in this materialistic world. If the child would die, then, I would be jailed. We are paid for our actions, even in this world. So at the level of Consciousness also, we have to pay the consequences where we talk about the karma and, and, you know how the karma works that is at the level of, you know, Consciousness and how the whole life comes together. But even if we just talk very simple in this world, wait, then also we can see it that you hit somebody, the person dies, you have put Prison. Cause an option costs. And then consequence. That’s how it works. Yeah, that’s very interesting and very interesting everything. I think. I actually think it was more my fault than it is. Just because I know what happened coming in adoption. I actually think it was more my fault than with even though I wasn’t, you know, I had right of way that I think it was more. It was more my fault because I know what happened in the lead up to them. You know, I mean, I could have avoided it. You know, that’s what I’m saying. I probably could have avoided it. Did you learn the lesson out of it anyway? Well, yeah in that kind of situation. You think to happen so fast that you kind of don’t really have no after the, of course. Not at that time. Robert really should. I haven’t really ridden a bike since then, maybe once or twice ever. And another time? The first one of the first times I ever rode a bike again, was when I was living in London and the trains were the train drivers were on strike. So I decided to ride to work as soon as busy. Obviously it’s a big city and you know really busy and nothing happened on the way to to work. But then on the way home, I was really close to my heart, really close to my house. And and I thought I’m actually I’m going to make. I’m gonna make I’m gonna make it home and then as soon as I said that this car Completely turn turn right into another car. If that’s car had been there. He would hit me. There would have been a lot worse, but this other car was in the way which is quite lucky and managed to escape that one. But yeah. Did I don’t think I ever rode a bike since and written many bikes since then. Yeah. And ride a bike since then, I think sorry. No. Oh well. You’re worried your will relaunch from that situation. But it is it like has it development any sort of fear in you know, we are in probably could ride bikes. I’m sure I could ride bikes again. It’s not just doing better. Still not too. Maybe I can still ride a bike. Just being more careful. They, I was thinking of learning how to ride a bike. I mean, I tried it when I was young, my cousin. Brother, he was teaching me how to ride a bike and I sat in the front and he was like telling me how to do it. I think was pretty and I don’t remember exactly maybe 15, 16 years or something and and and as soon as he left me completely and he’s like, oh good now you right? Okay, as soon as he left me, we just fall off and I I fell first. Then he fell and then the bike got over us. For that, I didn’t get a chance because nobody in around me the right. Nobody around me like to bike. Mostly people are driving cars. So but I had this in mind, I will ride a bike just that you have to be more careful, of course. I always have been judged by. What would it be? Like to learn how to ride a bike as not even just in and out but you know, maybe someone that could actually because when I wrote when I learned to ride a bike, I was really young and you know, I mean you’re when you’re a kid you kind of well well, but when you when you’re an adult, at least you can actually put your feet on the ground to save yourself. Yeah, it may be the easier in that respect, but he would be interesting too. You know what? It’s like to ride a bike, you know to learn how to ride a bike as an adult. I saw this one YouTube video a long time ago where somebody got their bike and they somehow they switch this steering. So whenever they turned left, he went right and vice versa. Okay, it was really quite a while and it bends out. Make that you don’t just see what it was like. Yeah. Why would somebody create something like this? You go left on the menu turn left on the return right to do it anymore. Interesting for you. Yeah, it is. So why don’t you know, play some music first. I’ll play one song. This is a song I wrote about the social media incident that I had. And I think it was last year sometime and obviously there’s a lot going on in the world, still do a lot going on in the world and why and social media posts dad about how what I thought was going on in the government stuff in somebody. Somebody commented. – anyway, I turned it into a song and so here’s some it’s called it’s called making assumptions. Okay, actually not it’s called nothing about me. But for some reason I made it making assumptions just because that’s the either course, but here it is. Okay. Let me know if you hear it. No, nothing. Yeah, it was so wonderful David. I really enjoyed it a lot. Yeah, that was my one of my waiting for me. The first. Song. I wrote that. I was really happy with. You know, it’s coming from your heart, right? Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think art is Art typically. Does he even sees everything? It’s mostly, you know, people always make assumptions. I mean everybody is always making assumptions about others. This is how this person is, the never really know the other person and they just assumed that Maybe just to one impression. Maybe just one instance. They would judge that is how this person is, you know, but we are all going through our Journeys and we are also changing continuously. So really to know somebody you have to Really talk to that person know that person got quite a good amount of time to absolutely no blood person. One cannot really. No, somebody because you have that person once it’s a wonderful song. I mean, I love the lyrics, I loved what you wrote. It’s probably coming from your experience and it’s coming from your heart. It was really beautiful. So, can is it possible that I sing a song and you play the music along with along with it? Is a possible that depends on what the song is actually. Yes. Like that was a recorded one, but we can do one life. Let’s see. Look into your heart. You will find. There’s nothing to hide. Take Me As I Am take my life. You’re not playing. You think what are you doing things here? No, I wasn’t able to I can look into your heart. You will find. There’s nothing there. Too high. Take me as I am. Take my life. I would give it all my, what’s sad? It’s not work, but I can’t help it. There’s nothing. I want more. No, it’s true. I love pain. I to do it for ya. Okay, okay. It was really great there to have you on the podcast and wonderful talking to you again. And yeah, we are talking to each other for such a long time. Yeah, right. Right, right. Okay, then see you soon. I don’t wish loads of fluff to our listeners. Wish you luck and love the week ahead. Namaste.

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