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Kashish Gambhir is a Spiritual Guide & Director at Karmicbuzz Spirituality Foundation in India. Having walked the spiritual path for more than 29 years, Kashish gives Meditation & Consultation Sessions to all age groups including Senior Citizens across New Delhi, India. She writes on her website kashishgambhir.com and has a spiritual podcast called ‘Karma is Supreme’ & ‘Karam Pradhan’ on all major platforms.

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“Experience has the power to change you, not the Knowledge”

During 2017, I went through much darker times and if somebody could help me out and was able to understand what I was going through it was Kashish
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The Spiritual Forum Podcast with Reverend Carol Saunders

Kashish Gambhir shares her spiritual experience and her life with Rev. Carol Saunders and a lot of other discussions ranging from Vegan food to God and Religion…

zee news : Karmicbuzz Spirituality

Zee News 
with Dr. Sailesh Rao Climate Healers, USA

New Delhi: Veganism is on the rise among “health-conscious and spiritually enlighted individuals” in the world, and to give it a strong push…

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Science & Spirituality Podcast
with Kevin & Chris Carton

If a person is in the human form they will always have human experiences (aka, challenges), but the person becomes detached when they are truly connected…

School of Spirituality

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If you are looking for a step-by-step direction for your spiritual journey, then this is the place to start

Step 1


Build a stronger foundation on your Spiritual Path and start from here. Remember…

“Spirituality is not a Sprint.
It’s a marathon.”
-Kashish Gambhir

Step 2


If your basics are clear, then you want to go deep into Science & Spirituality

Step 3


Deep thinkers with a specific goal on their Spiritual Journey as discussed in
Step 1 & 2


Get Step-By-Step Direction & Weekly Spiritual Wisdom by
Kashish Gambhir



Corporate Group Meditation Sessions for 300 employees.
Session on ‘Anxiety & Stress Relief Solutions’

She is a spiritually advanced who is very helpful and logical at the same time. It's always best to take help of adepts as there are many hindrances in the path of Spirituality. I would recommend that if you have deep concerns in your life, you approach her and she will definitely help you in the best possible way.’
Kamlesh Motwani
Kamlesh Motwani, IT Entrepreneur
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