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I am writing this post ‘Gratitude: I am so grateful’ because I wasn’t able to find an empty diary today. So I thought to write it on my blog instead.

I am so grateful…
I am so grateful to You, O’ my Spiritual Teacher
I am so grateful that I exist in Your time
I am so grateful that I not only exist during Your Time of Existence On Earth
but that I have also been given the inner eye to see who You really are
I am so grateful that since my childhood,
You have taken care of me like my own mother.
I am so grateful that You gave my life a meaning
that You taught me what Evolution really is
and why we really were on Earth
I am so grateful that You gave me spiritual education that went beyond
what any School in this world could’ve ever taught me
I am so grateful that you gave me the right circumstances where my Soul could expand & prosper
I am so grateful to You for bestowing me with just the right family that would tolerate my nuances & still Love me,
I am so grateful that You stayed by my side, holding my hand
even when I left Yours,
I am so grateful that You – and just You, believed in me
that You loved me without any reasons – that Pure Love
that my Soul so longed for
I am so grateful that You shared with me the spiritual treasures hidden, that my Soul had longed for aeons…
I am so grateful that You took care of all the four aspects of my life:
spirituality, health, relationships & materialism
I am most grateful that You connected me to the Shabad, the biggest gift that a Human Being could ever get during his lifetime
And, not only did you connect me to it,
You also taught me the real meaning of Shabad by bestowing me
with its experience divine
Even if I were to be born a million times on Earth without your presence in my Life,
My life would have gone waste in eating, sleeping & drinking,
Without EVER realizing what I was really here for! (evolution)
But It was You, who taught me the right technique to achieve evolution
in the shortest time possible
Even if I sacrificed my life a million times,
I would NEVER be able to repay you
for SO MUCH that you’ve done for me.
O’ My Beloved, please give me the strength
to appreciate this Life more than Ever NOW.
Give me the strength to really appreciate, protect & value Your gifts that you’ve bestowed me with,
Give me the wisdom to NEVER REPEAT my mistakes especially the ones that have taken me away from You previously,
Give me the strength to live in Your Hukum,
Give me the strength to be grateful to You every single day come what may.
You were, are, and will always be my Knight in shining armour.
May I ALWAYS Love You beyond.
Kashish Gambhir

What are YOU grateful for today? Comment below with the date on which you comment.

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