Life Update | November 2023

Today I just thought to pen down a Life Update for my readers as a few of you asked me what I was doing at the moment, I realized that I should actually put this out because a few others my also be thinking!

So at the moment, I am doing all the following, not in any specific order though-

  1. recording for Season -3 of the Podcast ‘Karma Is Supreme’
  2. planning and recording for my Hindi Podcast ‘Karam Pradhan’, which I haven’t paid much attention to btw but I found out that it was doing well, so decided to give it a go as well.
  3. Meditating daily
  4. exercising daily 1 – 2 hours
  5. spending a lot of time learning new aspects of my work in podcast & in writing, such as, the technical aspects, backend work, etc. and all the other things where I had made mistakes previously.
  6. and of course networking, to collaborate with people

Now this looks easy but it actually takes up all of my time really -the entire day.

So I pretty much plan to upload the podcast episodes and other stuff only after I have scheduled some of those for the time being. I plan to produce them in batches during this time.

When it comes to work, I am more of a ‘sprint’ person than a ‘marathon’ one, which basically means that most of the times, I like to complete things in a sprint and then use the remaining time for other things like spending time with family or watching Netflix or even meeting interesting people or going for any games or sports.

What kind of person are you when it comes to work? Marathon or Sprint? Comment below.

btw, I do not follow ‘sprint’ in any other aspect of my life.

I mean I would have, if I had a choice but you know it’s just not possible. Like when it comes to health, one has to exercise daily. And when it comes to meditation, again the benefits are only when we act upon it on a daily basis.

But in case of work, especially this one, it needs scheduling and publishing, so ‘sprint’ also makes sense I guess and it is also possible to do it this way.

Anyways, so this is it!

I have decided to focus on my work for a while because I do plan to enjoy 2024 and not be a workaholic next year. Instead, I plan to travel all year round in 2024.

At least that’s the plan! Though we have witnessed God displaying greater plans for the world in 2019.

But we can only do that which is in our control, isn’t it? We can only perform – do our Karma in this present moment. We just cannot go into the past or into the future.

So yeah! …

One month to go!

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