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To understand, what dictators like Hitler/ Stalin were most afraid of, its imperative to understand their personality characteristics. The analysis of Hitler is taken up from the documentary ‘How to be a Tyrant’ on Netflix

Let’s list down the personality characteristics of Dictators like Hitler and
what they could’ve been most afraid of:

  1. Glorification: This is the most important characteristic of any dictator. They want to put their name to every construction site in the country and take credit for almost everything good.
    That is also the reason why the dictator of North Korea got his statues built in his country.
    A dictator wants immense glorification. They want people to do ‘mantra-jaap’ of their names. They want to be called God while at the same time they have nothing God-like in them.
    This gives us the most important and the most-effective method that may produce fear in a dictator…the fear of their IMAGE falling apart. This fear, embedded deep within them, will then, start radiating outside too.

    AFRAID OF 1 ) therefore, tearing their photos and burning their effigies at a mass scale is what a dictator is MOST AFRAID OF. It means the end of the reign for them. It’s a straight-forward announcement of their dethroning. That is it!
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UNITED STATES – OCTOBER 02: Anti-Nazi protestors burn an effigy of Hitler during a demonstration in Union City, N.J. where Nazis were attempting to hold a Bund meeting. (Photo by Charles Hoff/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
tyrant movie 2
This year’s ghastly Zozobra, going up in flames.

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2. Direct the Minds of People In the Preferred Direction Using Movies & Storytelling:
From the documentary ‘How to be a Tyrant’ on Netflix, which studies the life of different dictators that this world has seen, we can also observe that these dictators understand that the minds of people can be directed using storytelling & movies.Let me give you a very simple & basic example of a narrative built by a random person:
There was this viral video on Instagram where laborers were standing in a truck and there was a dog in the truck as well. Now whosoever made that video sitting in his own car (as it shows in the video), wrote a narrative that the dog travels with the laborers from one state to another and made that entire story about that dog. Now this viral video had thousands of comments to it with most people believing the story.
This simple example teaches us that anything can be shown in any way with any narrative. And therefore, whatever narrative is shown to us with the very focused movies created on the concepts of religious divide specifically with an agenda of spreading hate & discord in the country, must not be taken at the face value. They may have an agenda. Of course they have one, don’t they?
AFRAID OF 2 ) Understanding this idealogy of a dictator, therefore if people start building narrative and weaving stories and movies that show exactly the opposite to what the dictators want to see i.e. showing love amongst all humans irrespective of their religion, caste, race, color etc. and really start practising ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakami.e. The World Is One Family,
it can play a pivotal role in terrifying the dictator. A dictator never wants people to be at peace. Because if the people are at peace and thus, their minds are out of their own personal issues of religious divide, they will start noticing the discrepencies happening in their country and all the matters that they should be noticing for their own welfare & progress.
A point that must be noted here is that such stories or movies must be marketed at a mass scale else there’s no point of so much of hard work.

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3. Control The Truth:
Again, understanding from the well-crafted Netflix documetary mentioned above that showed very clearly how the dictators control the media and hence, control the truth. The solution is straight-forward.
We know that the control of the media or the journalists leads other journalists and mediapersons to start living in fear, thus inspiring them to not take acton against the dictator. Well, that is exactly what the dictator wants, doesn’t he?
AFRAID OF 3 ) This gives us the 3rd point that a dictator is most afraid of.
He is most afraid of the people who are like Lions – who do not fear anything – and keep acting fearlessly.

The dictator wants you to not feel confident & powerful. This is where his success lies. But when you decide that you will fight until the end – that you will keep roaring like a lion and that you will give your best come what may – that you will keep fighting and never ever give up – this is exactly what starts tiring the dictator himself. And starts making him feel deep within himself that he is loosing the game.
Remember, if a person looses in his mind, he will loose outside too.

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4. Crush Your Rivals: [ adopted from Episode 2 of ‘How to Be a Tyrant’ on Netflix ]
A dictator does anything and everything to crush his rivals or those that question his actions. He puts them in prisons on baseless foundations of corruption, liquor, bribery and what not. Well the narrative can be built up as we discussed in the point above.
AFRAID OF 4 ) This gives us the 4th point of what the dictator is most afraid of. The Hitler would be most afraid of people who do not give up. Such people would terrify him. Even after putting one behind the bars, if one does not give up, this attitude is not liked by the dictators. It makes them feel weak. Because according to them, people should bow down and follow whatever he says. A tyrant cannot tolerate people who aren’t pliable to his demands.

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how to be atyrant hitler documentary 7
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5. Make People Go Hungry
A dictator’s goal is to let people be out of jobs, unemployed and thus make them go starve. Most dictators that have appeared in the history of this world, have used this method. The reason is very simple: If people are always hungry, they will have no power to fight back the dictator.
This was widely used by the North Korean dictator as well while he himself traveled in flights and had the most lavish meals while his countrymen starved to death.

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AFRAID OF 5 ) Considering the point above, if therefore, the citizens of the country collaborate with some pure-minded elite individuals who can then help set up or create a food system that is independent of the goverment, thus leading to self-sufficiency, hunger won’t be a problem aymore.

In India, thankfully, Guru Nanak Ji (the founder of Sikhism) has already set up the system of Langar (serving food to all) that has been feeding the hungry from all backgrounds: religions, cultures and castes, past 500 years now. Therefore, considering the 1 billion population of India, hunger has not been the biggest issue comparitively as it would have been if Guru Nanak’s system was not set up in place.

*I wonder that a dictator in India must be most aware of this concept. And therefore he would know that a religious divide between Hindus & Sikhs would create hunger amongst Hindus (the majority of the population of the country follows Hinduism 79.80% as per census2011.co.in) more than ever.

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– End of the article –

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